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Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us (2016)

You will never be one of us
Our pain, not your pain
Our pride, not your pride

The all knowing Dobbs Head of Destiny beckons and repels - Lesser Zontar Islands

I shall bring the anti-prayer cloth just in case. Thank you, @Prof_Trixie !

@bob Umbrel is doing something comparable with what you are achieving with libreserver. They might have some code you could use, or vice-versa. I'd especially like to see epicyon in Umbrel.

Umbrel began as a cryptocurrency-specific set of tools. Those tools are still available as options, but users are not required to install or use them in any way. Their site may emphasize crypto, but it's not a crypto-only set of tools.

One night, I dreamed a dream.
As I was walking along the beach with my "BOB".
Across the dark sky flashed scenes of my SLACK.
For each SLACK, I noticed a set of footprints and a trail of pipe ash in the sand.
One belonging to me, and one to my "BOB".

"Philip K is a story silly and coded enough for kids but smart and loaded enough for adults, at the same time. Drawing on all sorts of influences from World Philosophy and Religion, and Western Mystery Schools, the story of Philip K is the story of a guy who has just died. Only, life seems to go on—at least in his head!"

People who believe elitism exists, be it positive, negative or neutral, are...

@onan I don't understand this but it appears really cool.

Define the terms of the exchange, and you will be victorious in the exchange.

Ohh this one i like very much, its a redraw from the very first thing i drew after my 6 years art block, i'll post the original in the next toot. I think there is about one year gap between the two.

from 2021
#CreativeToots #MastoArt

a project in creative dissent
latest update: a prose outline of goals and origins


by Rev. Teeters LaVerge (Author), Rev. Ivan Stang (Foreword)

Publisher: SubGenius Foundation

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1946529039

The Real X-Day: If the world won’t end on its own, we’ll destroy it together!

81 Keller Rd., Hannibal, NY 13074 United States
FRIDAY JUNE 10 2022 to MONDAY JUNE 13 2022

Cost: $30 (Church of the SubGenius) or $45 (unsaved) plus optional $15 / night for camping.


Contact (fediverse):

Based on radio transmission from Venus, cross-indexed with stone carvings from Atlantis, I predict Bitcoin will be valued at $100K or more by Coinbase at some point on or before noon Eastern Standard Time on October 31st, 2022.

December 4, 2018, 6:06 PM: first post at ...

In a web browser, go to your public profile and add...


... to the end of the URL. Your first post will be at the bottom of that page.

Gosh, now that the evidence is generally available to the public, people as a whole will seek it out, consider it in light of past claims and evidence, side with the facts as they are known and change their behavior accordingly.

I know evidence-based decision making by the masses didn't happen, well, at nearly any other time in any other situation in any culture in any place in any time in history, but THIS time, it will.

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