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when u dead inside but ur garden gives u reason to stay tethered to the mortal realm and tbh its POPPIN

In order to get rid of that streak of honesty in you, you'll have to destroy your vision of moral order in the universe. Those stars twinkle in a void there, and the two legged creature dreams and schemes beneath them, all in vain. They'll believe anything, and the more preposterous the better: whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. The horses of Arabia have silver wings. Pygmies mate with elephants in darkest Africa. I have sold all those propositions, and more.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

please use your germination voice around my seeds and seedlings

I found it, that meme I was looking for 3 months ago for someone. Here it is, hope you're still alive.

Just as some celebrities are famous for being famous, and some experts are experts at being experts - you can be good at being good, deciding what and who is also good. It’s easy and fun! Speak with conviction and never compromise if you want to WIN, or engage in difficult dialogue if you want to share a path away from error.

More on politics? Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. What you want is more on religion. And have we got a moron religion for you...


Proverbs 4:​18 reads: “The path of the righteous is like the bright morning light that grows brighter and brighter until full daylight.”

Yes: scripture changes! The infallible teachings of one moment change to the heresy of the next.

Why not take it ALL THE WAY with the Church of the SubGenius. With our patented Short Duration Personal Saviors, you can elevate any momentary whim to divine status - to replace it with some new focus of worship entirely at your discretion.


"jrnl is a simple journal application for your command line. Journals are stored as human readable plain text files - you can put them into a Dropbox folder for instant syncing and you can be assured that your journal will still be readable in 2050, when all your fancy iPad journal applications will long be forgotten."

txtwt is a "decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers."

It sure seems like these two could work together nicely.

Today I rode one of my many bikes 40 miles. Then I ate, showered, and washed 2 of my bikes, including the one I rode through miles of heavy rain earlier this week, and wiped and re-lubricated the chains. Then I replaced an old nicked tire on one, which required my "tire jack" and still involved much struggle, and bruising when a tire iron slipped and bashed into my thigh. Then my friend delivered the new-to-me used bike I bought online a few days ago from Iowa, and I struggled to put it together. Then I rode it a bit. Now I am tired.

they're 100 pages each full of electronic machines and tape decks and video, presumption in b, transferral of pain he'd never dreamed existed, 60 million year cycle. is the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. All paid members are welcome.

But did you know that you could set up your own instance of Mastodon, and pretty cheap, and not too hard to do? Most instances will need a domain, and those can be had for pretty cheap. Hosting can be done by yourself (more work, less cost) or from a hosting company (less work, more cost - this is the route I've taken). Two hosting services among others...

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