Actually a good book. As a preparation instruction manual, you could replace “zombies” with your most dangerous and hated nemeses

@philo I've been looking for a way to fend off squirrels and ass crack fungus. This might work.

@rudyschwartz Absolutely! You should first try it on somebody else’s ass crack to see how it works.

@philo Empiricism and not giving a fuck are the only two paths toward enlightenment. And mushrooms. Three paths. Sorry about that.


@rudyschwartz Maybe just replace mushrooms with food.

@rudyschwartz That way the rule also covers doughnuts and Mexican food.

@philo I'd need to experiment with psilocybin and deep fat frying. It might make more sense to spike the glaze.

@philo Empiricism, not giving a fuck and hallucinogenic donuts are the only paths to enlightenment.

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