Did you know Thunderbird's RSS reader lets you subscribe to Youtube channel RSS feeds?

Ok, but did you know that if you use an Invidious mirror for those feeds you get the full description and thumbnail instead of just a title and link? Also you can download the video via Invidious.

Ok, but did you know Thunderbird can auto-delete feed entries after 30 days, but keep starred ones, and the feeds are searchable like email?

Ok, fine then. Well, it's new to me!

How does "Bob" clean the frop residue in his pipe, I hear you ask.
Well, he doesn't. But *if* he would, he'd use one of them alien pipe cleaners/fleshlights here: nitter.haxors.club/rich_lord/s

Sometimes I think about the video for Front 242's "Headhunter" ( youtu.be/m1cRGVaJF7Y ), how the producer misunderstood the song title as "Egg Hunter" and how the band just went along for shits and giggles.

Different take on #ThreadThursdays today: What's the coolest event or program you've been to at an art/science museum? #museums #art #science #culture

The very thought had me doing giggles 🤭


Language, Mister! 

...aaaaand crayion.com is replaced by squatters. Ah. Well. They don't call me a fucking jinx for nothing.

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THanks to @PseudoNovalis I found crayion.com ... these are better "Bob"'s (although missing the pipe) than what Dall-E came up with.

"Bob" cannot be portrayed by machine learning algorithms, for "Bob" is lucky like that.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Slack.

If you subtract the universe from itself, all that's left are "Bob"'s promises and lies.

The "Bob" that can be named is not the eternal "Bob".

X-Day has come and gone, but YOU can still experience the end of the world! Right now! In the comfort and safety of your own home!

Raw streams are available here:

Individual song-by-song chunks edited by @FriarQuazar here:

Visiting London used to be a treat. Nowadays I don't really know what to do on my one free afternoon there.

Don't buy crypto, send your money to "Bob". You can be 100% sure you won't ever see it again, instead of hoping you might get rich.

Do you feel like you diagonally parked in a parallel universe? Get your perpendicular straightened out!


Special! This weekend only! The "G" Lodge, 81 Keller RD, Hannibal, NY 13074

Get tickets now!*

*expect harsh language

What if the squirrels LIED to us all the time?

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