Thanks to my membership in the Church of the SubGenius, I am now able to find Slack in buying a new dishwasher! "What a boring task", I hear you say, "the Anticonfessor must have a dull life if he finds that slackful.".

Ha! I might have a dull life, but my dishes are squeaky clean, heathen!

Does anyone remember which date the annual Dobbstown "Show your wang to Stang" event is this year?

Thirty years ago, I seem to have asked myself the question "What would it look like if my haircut resembled a large spider?"

Whew. The Xenofact page is up - though it's a placeholder. Once I finish up a few more things I plan to more. But it is on it's way . . .

Wanna listen to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", but hate soulless electronic music? Senor Coconut got you covered:

Do you think that time only moves in one direction or we only perceive it in one direction?

I had a dream that "Bob" approached me with furrowed brows, his usual grin not as broad as I expected.

"razna", he said, "Can you please clarify this. Stang made some serious typos in his life time, but really, this one is a doozy."

He then showed me his original manuscript that said

"ETERNAL SALIVATION OR TRIPLE YOUR MONKEYS BACK", wiping a sad tear from his eye.

Friends, I awoke bathed in sweat. (because it's a rather hot summer, no idea why I mentioned it)

When I was young, I was an idiot.

Now I am old.
And still an idiot.

Instead of standing up, leaning over the table to have a look at the back of the audio interface to see what connectors it has, I remained seated, and lazily pulled up the manufacturers website. Slack, baby.

Little known fact: Outside of Malaysia, "Bob"'s boy band "Hearts & Dicks" was strangely unsuccessful.

It has been a while since I last posted "Dobbs Explains Dobbstown" here. So, since we have many new arrivals, here it is again.

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