When I was young, I was an idiot.

Now I am old.
And still an idiot.

@razna not proper haiku. I fixed it for you.

When I was young, I
Was an idiot. Now I
am old idiot.

@CapnBlackout Thanbks - wasn't meant as a haiku, but I appreciate your help nonetheless. :jrbd:


CapnBlackout Thanbks
wasn't meant as haiku, but....
appreciate help

@razna @CapnBlackout
This fucking haiku
It fucking sucks greased boner
Haiku makes fuck sound

@johnhattan @rudyschwartz @razna @CapnBlackout
Y'all might already know some schools claim that 7-5-7 syllable count in English is not as important as the terse concentration & vivid imagery... the shortest I ever saw anyone claim to be Haiku was:
The same frame
is a sudden

@rudyschwartz @razna

Wake up you retards
Stang uses your cash for lube.
No, really, he does.

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