Thirty years ago, I seem to have asked myself the question "What would it look like if my haircut resembled a large spider?"

Little known fact: Outside of Malaysia, "Bob"'s boy band "Hearts & Dicks" was strangely unsuccessful.

"Bob"'s biking boner when, unsurprisingly, winning the Tour de Malaysia

Just found some of the old SubG tracks I've made so many years ago.
Don't get your hopes up. They're pure Doktormusik and not necessarily pleasant for Alien and Yeti ears. Here's an example...

Just think what incredible music the Stones could make if they had gone with "Bob" instead of Keith.

Unconfirmed origins of "Bob", part 319: J.R. O'Hannes Camphuydobbs, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies

Most of us are (painfully) aware that the best sex with "Bob" is NO sex with "Bob". Should he still ask, insist that he wears his protective suit. If he isn't convinced, allow him to use the camera. That usually does the trick.

"Aaw.. look, what an adorable little birdie! ... What do you mean, this is a Great President of Hell?"

Magick can be confusing. Pay your dues at and get not only confused but totally bewildered by the forbidden SubGenius sciences instead.

THanks to @PseudoNovalis I found ... these are better "Bob"'s (although missing the pipe) than what Dall-E came up with.

"Bob" cannot be portrayed by machine learning algorithms, for "Bob" is lucky like that.

Unconfirmed origins of "Bob", part 827: Tsarina Bobanova the Grape

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