Thanks to my membership in the Church of the SubGenius, I am now able to find Slack in buying a new dishwasher! "What a boring task", I hear you say, "the Anticonfessor must have a dull life if he finds that slackful.".

Ha! I might have a dull life, but my dishes are squeaky clean, heathen!

@RevXenoFact Oh yeah, totally. It became overhyped in the last decade or so. Now with the jingles, the decoration, the contests etc. the wangs are in your face everywhere.

Maybe we should boycott it this year.

Does anyone remember which date the annual Dobbstown "Show your wang to Stang" event is this year?

@gcluley I hope you'll have a maths coprocessor as a guest for 287.

Thirty years ago, I seem to have asked myself the question "What would it look like if my haircut resembled a large spider?"

Whew. The Xenofact page is up - though it's a placeholder. Once I finish up a few more things I plan to more. But it is on it's way . . .

Wanna listen to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", but hate soulless electronic music? Senor Coconut got you covered:

@grimmware Rudy Rucker, an author with a scientific background, turned me on to thinking about higher dimensions and their interactions like 4D by going one step back, seeing how 3D movement, bodies and phenomena would look to someone in a 2D plane, and then thinking about taking it one dimension higher. So - if a 2D-plane was falling in a third dimension with constant speed, those 3rd dimension could be what time is to us. Constant, can't be accelerated or stopped.

@PseudoNovalis Massive bonus points for including footage from "Subway"...

Do you think that time only moves in one direction or we only perceive it in one direction?

@grimmware I only have 500 chars here and wasted the first few on moaning about the limit of 500 chars. One direction as seen from our n-dimensional blob; maybe we're falling with a constant speed through time (as an additional dimension, if that makes sense). Or maybe time doesn't exist and is just an invention, an aging mechanism, of the mind.
And now I look totally stupid, running out of stuff to say and still having 61 chars left.

@PseudoNovalis Masterpiece in terms of music and also accompanying video. "Frontier Psychiatrist" is another.

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