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"Bob"'s biking boner when, unsurprisingly, winning the Tour de Malaysia

Utopia spoiler 

If a villain admits their virus is going to "sterilize humanity for three generations" I think they haven't really thought the plan through.

At least once in their life, most people begin a quest to find out the purpose of their existence. Their unique mission. What they are here for. Ultimately, a confirmation why they are so incredibly special and better than all others; and in the end, any answer they come up with is dumb and doesn't answer the question.

Join the Church of the SubGenius and get the purpose-searching over with; it's a no-brainer.

25°C during the day.
1°C predicted for tonight.
Up to 40°C predicted for Wednesday.

Thanks for the constant headaches, global weather controlling computer gods!

Just found some of the old SubG tracks I've made so many years ago.
Don't get your hopes up. They're pure Doktormusik and not necessarily pleasant for Alien and Yeti ears. Here's an example...

Just think what incredible music the Stones could make if they had gone with "Bob" instead of Keith.

Thanks @onan for the magnificent Love&Light deflector and the Dobbstown mirrors! I immediately slacked off and started reading them. Excellent work!

"If it is "Bob," it is Art"
- Painter unknown. Found at a Garage Sale in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently framed at the office of Defense.

@razna razna /'razna/, adverb

Without knowing where one is heading, not caring about the road, the direction; at random.

Idiom: "O iau razna", I'm going crazy, I'm losing my mind

@razna I don't know what or whence you are, but in Romanian, ancient tongue of the vampyres, "razna" means... well I don't know what it means, as it's used exclusively as part of the idiom "a o lua razna", to go crazy.

"Grinning, firm handshake.
Sucking his pipe, strange salesman!
I now own a car." - the last Haiku written by Anton "Legless" Brightman before he starved to death in his car which he couldn't drive due to his disability.

Unconfirmed origins of "Bob", part 319: J.R. O'Hannes Camphuydobbs, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies

Most of us are (painfully) aware that the best sex with "Bob" is NO sex with "Bob". Should he still ask, insist that he wears his protective suit. If he isn't convinced, allow him to use the camera. That usually does the trick.

"Aaw.. look, what an adorable little birdie! ... What do you mean, this is a Great President of Hell?"

Magick can be confusing. Pay your dues at and get not only confused but totally bewildered by the forbidden SubGenius sciences instead.

Of all the planets in all the galaxies, this is one of just 37 that have been visited by JHVH-1, "Bob" and Frank Sinatra.

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