@ringo @dredmorbius @yojimbo This is part of what renewed my commitment to building knowledge bases actually rather than just developing projects in a less cohesive way - some of the best projects are ones I resurrected from notes after a decade or two gone stale.

oh thats weird, i hadn't put the orgone generator website in my bio.. well that's fixed.. orgonesystems.com to see what i'm doing now.

caveat that i need to update the menu a bit, but the big pyramids are the last item, /not making the pointy cone models at the moment, until a good source for molds found+ ive have switched to pyramids - where you see cones on there,it'll be a pyramid but the same stone configurations..
// will update menu to reflect this soon. prices are accurate tho.

@dredmorbius @ringo @yojimbo Stable software? What is this nonsense! You can't possibly... oh. ;)

@feonixrift Dooo eeeet!!!

I've been using WindowMaker for ... about 25 years now, actually.

One of the best things about it is that it rarely if ever changes. Getting subpixel rendering was a Big Change.

I'm also a fan of tearable / pinnable window menus and definable hotkeys for pretty much everything.

@ringo @yojimbo

@ringo @yojimbo How does that era keep coming around? My new laptop has a 3:2 screen instead of a 16:9 or whatever and I'm just at .. what? That was unobtainium for a while between.

Australia's new nuclear subs could cruise as far north as Taiwan

Australia’s new nuclear-powered submarines will allow its navy to patrol as far north as Taiwan, according to a report by the New York Times.
The new capability comes after nuclear-powered submarines were announced as part of plans for a new strategic partnership between the leaders of Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

(so we sold them shit we've had since the 30s?) sigh.. for shame

@ringo @feonixrift Enlightenment was so pretty when I was first using it! But these days simplicity is what I'm after.

Always wanted to try Qtile as a tiling WM because I know the original author ...

@ringo @yojimbo Pretty sure I'd love englightenment if I could meditate my way through configuring it far enough. Again, despite years (not recent) as an i3 user, i am an absolute sucker for the shiny.

So, I have to say the dremel 4300 is a HUGE upgrade from the dremel 3000... it makes the former look like a pinyata vs a patton floor fan...

Now I can drill a very tidy hole in my orgonite pendants. Also, diamond tipped cutter for the win.

YUZ. I don't need flatpack, i have ./configure

ok no wonder.. I'm paying for much more than this. i'm going to turn off the vpn after this download over sftp finishes. no wonder it felt like i went back to the early 2000's

my ping through the vpn is currently 368ms this is unacceptable. i wonder if this has anything to do with my 60kbps upload speed over port 22...

@pleiades heya, is your vpn back up? where should I send your tracking # to ? I got to the post office just as they were closing the door, they let me in, but they wouldnt let me mail anything international, so I have to go back :)

is this your account again or are you @pleiades or are you @deepnexus.link ?

how was your day brother ?

Rekka & I will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME 2022!

just finished a pyramid headed to Northern California, heading to the post office in a few minutes here to send off a painting to new york, one to arizona, and one pyramid to spain, and one rose quartz TB to australia. :) woot ! (www.orgonesystems.com) if you are curious what I'm talking about. Thank you Dr. Reich.

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