Gonna be quiet on here for a bit as I go get inspired and write some stuff.

Be kind, rewind. x

drool :) i may finally be able to afford a used v4 now..

**A leaking oil refinery puts Biden to the test**

"A controversial oil refinery on St. Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is in the government's crosshairs after a third incident in just three months has sickened people. On May 5, after gaseous fumes were released from one of the oil refining units of Limetree Bay Refining, residents of the unincorporated Caribbean territory reported a range of …"


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@zens i was getting “too many requests” i’m testing a beta version of meta text, and i think it went bonkers. so , screenshotted before graceful quit.

the emperor wears no clothes - jack herer - wikimedia commons. — upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia full text =D enjoy, it’s a tremendous read.

i have not accepted googles F****** cookies on this new ipad, which means i cannot access my youtube premium account. which, in a few ways, sucks.

'Our cultural training holds that striving to achieve something “better,” as laudable while just allowing your life to be as it is, as lazy. This training says it is “right” to set goals for yourself based on cultural mores and beliefs and then you must achieve those goals. Most of the planet adheres to this paradigm.'

Practical Enlightenment - Ariel Kane

im baiting my facebook friends. most of them are entirely worthy. a lot of them ive known easily 10-15 years or so. 😆 we will see. i posted a picture of dinner and if eggs dont bring them likely nothing will.

"By Jingo - We've Done It! We're delighted to announce that through the generous support of the [H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society] community, we have achieved our goal of funding our $20,000 share of the acquisition of the HPL letters. [John Hay Library at Brown University in Providence] will make the purchase of the collection this spring and they're hopeful to add them to their online digital repository by late summer."


TODAY I got a Lucky Penny from Beyond the Watery Abyss!

Coil ‎– Lost Rivers Of London


Dinner eggs beets salad 


@theruran The question of "what is political" to someone who has this flawed conception of politics is much like the question of "on the body, where is the precise end of the neck and start of the head?"

You can point at a part and determine "that's definitely the neck" and point to another part and say "that's definitely the head" but you try and arrive at any precise definition of where one is and the other isn't and you run into problems.

The same is true of this flawed conception of "being political" You might ask someone "is a car political" and they might say "of course not" and then you ask them "is building a car political?" and they'll say, "no" and then you'll say "are wages political?" and they'll say yes, but then try to get them to determine whether being a worker who builds a car is political.

The answer comes when you accept that the question or the conception of the question is wrong.

The answer to "where is the border between the neck and the head" is "it's all a part of the same body.

Similarly, you can determine that the definition of what is political becomes very simple when you understand that the whole process of society is political.

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