In cellular automata, a methuselah is a small "seed" pattern of initial live cells that take a large number of generations in order to stabilize.

This video shows the R-pentomino.

made a smoothie - strawberries- kefir with tumeric, cinnamon, raw goat milk and raw cow milk, reishi powder, cordyceps powder, turkey tail powder, and then wow yeah um wild stuff :)

New shoes got delivered. Cult x Vans. Something nice to wear on the saucers. They're my new favorites in a long line of Vans, but not the ugliest by a long shot.

I’m gonna try a new thing. Every time someone gets fed up with my shit I’m gonna tell them “sorry I’m a [zodiac sign] I can’t help it.” and see how that goes

if i already shared this, sorry - mosquitos released in florida to combat aedes egypti

An enigmatic hurricane on Saturn - twice the size of Earth.

Brown and cream striped socks. Ridiculously soft wool, handwash only, will wear through in about 0.4 seconds, totally the wrong yarn for the job. Foot size 7-ish? Or unravel and turn into something that doesn't go on feet.


1. Don't be a downer in replies for no good reason.

2. No unsolicited advice.

3. If someone says something nice to you, boost a post of theirs that you like.

4. If someone is rude/unhelpful/a downer in your replies, block-unblock them to get them off your follower list (or just block them if they don't follow you).

5. Use hashtags sometimes, and when you do, click on them and boost the good stuff to federate it about.

#meta #tootorial

1tb hard drive on the way. it will be the first proper external hard drive i’ve actually purchased since 2006. minus 256g + 128g + 128g + 64g of those samsung stick things. which are neat but are not harddrives. one of which is permanently a live installer i carry around..

@ringo We're mostly a talk show so very little music. We do usually play a novelty song at the halfway point.

the quickest way for me to completely ignore your product is to keep emailing me. “security trails” “feedly” patreon, et al- i’m looking at you guys.

can anyone temporarily host 216 gigs of biomedical research text books and such for me until i can afford to buy a new 1tb harddrive to download them onto? i’m in the middle of server migration crap and i need to shrink from 2 tb dedicated to 1tb dedicated, and i’m at 1.1 right now, this will allow me to move over to the smaller one.. thanks :) its really good stuff, i just don’t want to delete it, there’s a lot of value in there. to be learned from. thanks :) let me know if you can help.

@splash730 ^^ and latest one. what do you look like anyway? if i may inquire politely? i figure you may have no photo on here for anonymity, so if that’s the case I get how that would be as well. as a photographer and artist i enjoy the diversity of what people look like, so my inquiry is more artist than anything else, but i am indeed curious to see who i’m talking to if they don’t have an avatar which is a person. curiosity typically amplifies over time as well. lmfao. epicurian aquarian

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i really don’t selfie much so this is rare and kind of entertaining to me at the moment. i just took this one but have been in a stressed mood today, the second one is from 2005, and the red one is from last year before i cut my hair and without having combed out my beard. it’s a vector illustration “traced the path type thing” of a black and white iPhone photo. i think i look like a lion or wizard or something there. chuckle. will take a smiley one later, but for now this is going to be it

the last two pictures were from when i was in high school…

m¥ profile picture is a terrible likeness of me. i should change that. lets start by uploading a “selfie” from not that long ago where i’m smiling and shit. =) in looking i realized “toot” doesn’t let you pick the album and after switching ipads to a replacement my photo library (20,000+ is still syncing) after a week! and uh, i have to go and “duplicate” or email the new one i was thinking to myself, which is from when i was still smoking, but i’ll do a candid here in a momement! :D

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