/me opens facebook YACK, I'm getting dumber ::closes facebook:: jk but it sure feels like that.

Stallone: "I’m making a movie about composers. I’m playing Vivaldi."

VanDamme: "I’ll be Mozart."

Schwarzenegger: "Stop it guys I’m not saying it."

"Men in black aren't aliens pretending to be government agents. They're government agents pretending to be aliens pretending to be government agents."

me 2006 san francisco at someones birthday party in golden gate park. it was an event for consumating.com the old ben brown site, but it was mace elaine's birthday, if anyone knows who that is i'd be shocked. mamook

me in 2006 - golden gate park, San Francisco. at someones birthday party.

federated tab giving me r/all vibes level of whiplash

Interesting fact of the day. The very first internet connection consisting of 3 interconnected nodes was in fact WiFi... well, not wifi but radio/wireless. It was implemented as a mobile ad-hoc access point equipped in a van with the first 3-way network occurring in 1977.

#history #technology #STEM #Science @Science

The bad luck of throwing away a key can be in negated if it is thrown down an elevator shaft.

USB - B was the best USB port shape imo.
so satisfying to plug in and out and theres virtually no risk of it falling out or pluging it in the wrong way.

I would definitely be down for a USB-C compatible implementation of the USB-B port


if you mailed things from usps just fine, and a mail order shop for magnets said they experience one month delays with usps, and gunned for ups on their site as an alternative because of this mysterious month delay, but yet when you sent things yourself via usps, they got there in 4-5 days, and you called them on it politely in an email, and they confirmed there is a delay, would you not do business with them? I like the products i see but shit, thats a big red flag for me...

we should keep libraries alive. this internet thing can’t be trusted.

IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD... :ohnobubble:
The B̲each B̲oys - P̲et S̲ounds (Full Album) 1966


@MindOfJoe hey , you gave me four minutes? lol i was talking to a girl, thats not enough time. you're welcome to idle in there. :) come back lol

if you irc, waterforge.net is up and running. come say hi :)

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