I just put this little TV together.
It's seen here sitting on an Intellivision controller, next to my TI99/4A and C64 Ultimate for a sense of scale.

It is one of the coolest things I've come into contact with, much less owned. It has full sound and a tiny working IR remote, and can play 5 hours of video from an 8GB SD card.

It is truly stunning!

#electronics #kits #OLED


@paradroyd @xmanmonk that is incredible. it reminds me of the time i trash scored (well trash room not in the trash thankfully required no cleaning), a 8” z80 monitor, yeah the old zenith ones, and i used it to watch netflix dvd’s off my ps2 for a few weeks. (this was 2003 in san francisco) it was pretty neat to see richard linklaters waking life in monochromatic green and white :D

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