@xmanmonk wow!! LOL is it subsidized by your gov't or insurance? that is waaay too cheap how can the company earn profit? LOL I also have very high prescription so my lenses are very expensive... i also need it to be super or ultra thin because of the high prescription

@snowdusk They're cheap Chinese frames and lenses, so you have to treat them delicately. But hey, for $6, I got 3 pairs for $18 plus shipping, etc. I don't know if they're still that cheap, but probably pretty close.

@xmanmonk that is incredible! LOL but hey, if it works why not?! TBH if you are careful, even the lowest quality frames can last you. I had a Prada and the frame broke last year... well, after 8 yrs (is that reasonable?). So I had been gluing my frame together everytime it falls apart. I wasn't buying new glasses because I thought I had to pay about 1K for a nice pair of eyeglasses.. .I had no idea I could buy glasses for so much less!!! Ha ha. Today my frame broke again... I have had it, and thought about this online store where i usually get my contact lenses, studied how to get my measurements (which have been on my old frame all along) and searched really hard for my original prescription. Voilà! I bought new pair of glasses for $123!! haha We shall see how it is when i get it in the mail in 3 days.

@xmanmonk that is dirt cheap considering my high prescription.. I am soooo happy .. .but still kinda nervous. I've never bought eyeglasses without professionals helping me, in person haha

@snowdusk I was really skeptical when I first tried them, but certainly it has worked out for me. I think I learned about them from Jesse here on mastodon (@jebug29)

@xmanmonk @snowdusk Zennis are nice! I got two pairs that together cost me $125.99, but I opted for the more expensive frames/lenses/coatings ($25 frames with blue light blocking lenses that also had an oleophobic coating). Still a million times cheaper than I would have paid anywhere else for the same thing


@jebug29 @xmanmonk @snowdusk how are you liking the blue blocking things ? i never actually bit the bullet on those. i do have a lifestream generator though, so im not against alternative health stuff. =) also, Hi. your toots are rad, i am following now =)

@ringo @xmanmonk @snowdusk Hi hi ^^

I like them! I don't wear them every day, but when I do it seems to help with eye strain. It also seems like it makes colors pop a little bit more -- completely opposite the yellow sunglasses things you can buy on Amazon that say they're for blue light blocking lol

My coworker also has them and she said it helps reduce her migraines under LED lighting. That's purely anecdotal, but maybe they're doing something!

@jebug29 @xmanmonk @snowdusk ill have to read some then. i playedfor hours w the ios color filter stuffs and have ran xflux on my thinkpadfor years

@ringo @xmanmonk @snowdusk The 1.61 Blokz high index lenses :>

I think that's still what they have now, but it's been a few years

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