m¥ profile picture is a terrible likeness of me. i should change that. lets start by uploading a “selfie” from not that long ago where i’m smiling and shit. =) in looking i realized “toot” doesn’t let you pick the album and after switching ipads to a replacement my photo library (20,000+ is still syncing) after a week! and uh, i have to go and “duplicate” or email the new one i was thinking to myself, which is from when i was still smoking, but i’ll do a candid here in a momement! :D

@splash730 ^^ and latest one. what do you look like anyway? if i may inquire politely? i figure you may have no photo on here for anonymity, so if that’s the case I get how that would be as well. as a photographer and artist i enjoy the diversity of what people look like, so my inquiry is more artist than anything else, but i am indeed curious to see who i’m talking to if they don’t have an avatar which is a person. curiosity typically amplifies over time as well. lmfao. epicurian aquarian

@splash730 okie dokie! thank you =))) my curious george is essited. lol. here’s an art for you in the meantime as a thanks :) this is from yesterday and unedited, it felt rather pleasant and serene, in a strange consumerist type way. but peaceful all the same.

@splash730 aw! you’re very pretty ! i hope it is okay for me to say that, if not i wont say it again. also, i love how it’s like an all grainy photo so i feel like its 1998 all over again, and we’re chatting in like an aol chatroom or something. :-D

@splash730 no but my dad was. that’s my uncle in the photo there, and i’m the kid on the right of the guy in fatigues. thats a snapshot from 1996 :)

@splash730 🙃😁 thank you, i know you are but apparently so am i 🌝

@ringo lol, had couple guys joke if I would sign that picture for them😂😂

@splash730 that is super weird! i wonder what they wanted you to sign it for lmao

LOL, they were teasing me. Me being Like a Diva😂😂😂

@splash730 i’m a fan of the ascot! it’s a lovely shade of green. did you decide to download mastadon at home? teeheehee. it’s 4:20 here or was the last time i looked at the clock but i dont smoke pot anymore! funny how symbology still holds inference at times. // you don’t seem to be a diva, but if you were as long as you’re not a brat about it, that’s a-okay. brats are hard to deal with, divas just are very specific 😁🙃

@ringo lololololol, I'm not a diva at all. Well, not MOST of the time😎

@splash730 gotcha! well, sometimes is fine with me, haha, 24/7 would be some kind of adjustment. I am peaceful and find it the best to let someone cool their jets on their own we can’t really actually fix anything emotional for anyone else, but sometimes clarification is nice, if a party was involved, haha, otherwise we’re responsible for our own emotional health and well being, and anything else is more or less delusional. :D diva is a noun for mood correct? its slang so malleable?

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