OK, so I've been learning a new computer language recently, and I'm finding it intriguing. Not yet at the point where I can use it "in anger", but I'm close to the point of choosing it for some of my everyday scripting things. It would take longer, but would help me to learn it.

So ...

Would you learn a new language? What would induce you to do so?

@ColinTheMathmo I am thinking a lot recently about how highly parallel paradigms (mainly GPU, but also multicores, etc) might transform the way we (should) approach or teach numerical algorithms.

It would be very interesting to find a programming language that allows to do this in a natural way, preferably with a higher level of abstraction. For example, are there dataflow languages that are suitable for high performance numerical work?


@mm @ColinTheMathmo according to my buddy, snowbol would be a good choice, because it’s a gpu based language with only about 400 or so symbolic registers, and things move very quickly as thus.

@ringo @ColinTheMathmo Thanks, but not sure I can find it. This is not the same as SNOBOL / SPITBOL, is it? Do you know where to find more info or an implementation?

In the meantime, it seems that futhark and Chapel might be two languages that come close to what I have in mind - but I need to look more into this...

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