Time perhaps to return to the words of Prophet Burroughs in Nova Express: "They are trying to steal YOUR ORGONES. You gonna sit still for this shit?"
Doesn't help my paranoia one bit, but I'm intrigued by his reports of the obsessive dedication with which Reich's experiments were destroyed by whatever your flavor of "con" may be.

"Listen: Their Garden Of Delights is a terminal sewer... Their Immortality Cosmic Consciousness & Love is 2nd-run grade-B shit... Stay out of the Garden of Delights... learn to make it without any chemical corn—All they offer is a screen to cover retreat from the colony they've so disgracefully mismanaged. To cover travel arrangements so they'll never have to pay the constituents they have betrayed & sold out. Once these arrangements are complete they will blow the place up behind them.”

Doesn’t seem so much like paranoid sci-fi anymore, does it??
I decided to treat as graphic art Burroughs's long passages of cut-and-paste, randomly assembled words & phrases-- with full attention I notice whatever associations I can collect from random details as I wander the pages. Highly recommended.
I admire WSB because he sank into the depths of destructive dope-addiction & then broke out of that prison, without religion & with full use of his brilliant subversive faculties.

@wattdefalk nothing paranoid about any of that... this planet is being actively farmed, bro.

@wattdefalk what work of his is this passage from? i've always liked the guys work. i actually saw the black rider, when it was at the ACT theatre in san francisco. that was some dark shit..

@ringo Was Black Rider the joint with Tom Waits?
I think all those WSB lines are from Nova Express, but I was using the Web to confirm & reinforce my weak memory

@wattdefalk yes. Ps i ordered nova express. Thank you for that.

@wattdefalk yes. Ps i ordered nova express. Thank you for that.

I haven't read all of his novels, but my favorite is "The Western Lands," from later in his life, less radically experimental in form while still full of his cutting (and strangling) wit...

@wattdefalk ahh i hoped that was what came in the mail today, but instead it was bernays, "propaganda" :)

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