@thedonnerd hallofamenti instance crashed.. do you know who the admin is ???

@ringo Hey there, I'm not sure who the admin is now. I'm assuming it's still @defango, but I'm not sure. Halls is back up now, but it goes down a lot, sometimes for long stretches. Last time it was down for 3 weeks, Idk.🤔

@thedonnerd it may just be that it doesnt work in mozilla sea monkey for some reason.. but it should its a standards compliant web browser :) how many people are on it ?

@ringo Lol. I can't even pretend to know what any of this means. Ya know me, I know nothing of this tech stuff. hehe 😜😂 As far as how many are on it, well it still shows quite a number of registered users, but when I log in there are never more than 3 users on it. Not real sure.😊🤔
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