i transplanted almost all of the things today into new snail shells :)

this happened last night. :) coming soon to --->> ( www.orgonesystems.com )
also, finishing up existing orders and getting them ready to head out into the wide world. We're off to see the postal wizard on Mon or Tue.

when you're more comfortable in the terminal.. (because it just works..)

pondering setting up one of these thingers .. by hand


If song titles are metaphors for socio-cultural narratives, the title of this album is fascinating, as are the song titles - given our current global fabric..

// Velut adeo comparui.

album released in 2002..

this may be the only time you ever see this, but when i was very grumpy and not as healthy as i am now, i let my beard and hair grow all the fucking way out :) clearly, i have some genes of wizard or something. :-p

art i made for mytribes last year (this one never got finished)

boy i have not gotten one of these in quite some time! its not even addressed to me.. shame on the sendmail config, hahahaha

@Anarkat here- this way you have it, if you’d like me to delete the public response, then i will do so. i just wanted you to have this perspective in your belt if necessary :)

@Anarkat because you just pulled this, and I typed a thoughtful response…

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