99.9% gold powder enhanced emerald super HHG (se) 😃 py.pl/17cbn0 <---- this link seals the deal. These have sizeable (around 1-3 oz) amethyst cathedral points buried in the metal matrix, and this one has a ring of black tourmaline around the top. the yellow color in the base is from the gold powder.

py.pl/cbrFV ~ This is an HHG with a base of black tourmaline featuring a lemurian singing crystal inside, a bed of copper, a prominent floating dalmation jasper, with real gold and billet aluminum. The crystal in here is *quite* hard to come by. I am lucky enough to have a few of them.

if you IRC consider coming in and saying hi :) web applet @ waterforge.net otherwise connect with your favorite client and join "come on in the water's fine" ha ha ! (had to re-do some config stuff that went bonkers a little while back, still working on the anope scripts.. 90% done i'd say?)

a little art... orgone meets kaleidoscope meets background

Tigers Eye Black Tourmaline and Green Adventurine Enhanced HHG ~ py.pl/17cbn0 and Malachite and Garnet Enhanced Super HHG (SE), and Green Adventurine and Tigers Eye Super HHG (SE). - py.pl/17cbn0 (if you want a specific version specify in notes upon purchase. )

this one came out really nicely :) it has three concentric layers of stones inset in circles..

green enhanced HHG's - black tourmaline, black onyx, real gold, turqouoise, copper flakes, aluminum, and tigers eye with amethyst cathedral points buried inside :) if anyone wants one of these, let me know here or just go buy it off the website and click enhanced HHG - orgonesystems.com thank you for your consideration (3 available right now)

made last night.. fresh batch of enhanced HHG's... want one? orgonesystems.com (now with a completely re-designed easier website with better photos and mobile friendly table!)

black tourmaline, gold, green quartz and naval brass HHG with amethyst point buried inside the matrix of brass... ~ (py.pl/1GLdzk) <<< paypal quicklink [$142 + 12 postage]

py.pl/1bbtEc ~~~~ Adventurine and Black Tourmaline Orgone HHG ~~~~ This is a green adventurine HHG Holy Hand Grenade Orgone Generator, featuring naval brass, black tourmaline, green adventurine, a few emeralds, and a strong quartz point.. The whole creation is blessed with all that I am able to put into it, and encased in a beautiful sparkly copper colored resin.

green adventurine, emerald, black tourmaline and naval brass HHG :-)

the sun is clearly not out yet, but i cannot wait to share a preview of this stuff which was made last night :) (some of it.)

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