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"There was a collision going on between the advance of technology and the slow turning of the gears of government, and we realized this was the civil liberties issue of our time, to expand the Bill of Rights into cyberspace" - @mkapor on EFF's founding:

i think if 5 of us put our heads together we'd be able to set up a 4 mill dollar silicon valley company easy

we put flowless in a suit
dankwraith makes some kind of app
colophon or esvrld can write the mumbo jumbo
i'll do the cocaine with "investors"

pay ourselves a massive salary, be valued at a couple mill and sell to google, donezo

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boy i have not gotten one of these in quite some time! its not even addressed to me.. shame on the sendmail config, hahahaha

Because sometimes the pun is worth the work; I just made a eyepatch to send in a card to 79 year old for their upcoming birthday.
I informed them that if they wear it, when people ask them whether they're a pirate, they can growl "I'm Eighty" #theWorkshop #puns

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence -- Vince Lombardi

Raddle sets out their Terms of Reference much better and is maybe a more fully open source version of Ramble, and it also has Tor node access -
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0ne of my alltime favorite bands.. playing one of my alltime favorite songs, off one of my alltime favorite albums “inflammable material” almost fucked up in a weird way how this is still relevant today, and it was recorded in 1977….

The basic premise is to reach out to libraries and archives that have unique/one of a kind works that can't be publicly released for various reasons about those artifacts and those various reasons.

Artifacts we're planning to discuss include:

- UCLA Film Archive's DuMont collection (specifically, the 10 episodes of captain video.
- Murder at Full Moon (Steinbeck's lost werewolf novel) from the University of Texas
- Broadside TV collection at East Tenn. State


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