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This is one of my favourite parts of engineering. The perfect triangle is meaningless without the imperfection of the valley to give it reason to bridge.

my katana has arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait any longer to say something. It's beautiful.

some photos I took forever ago in san francisco.. guess which phone these are from? danger hiptop! that thing had an amazing camera in it

1968: James Earl Jones sparring with Muhammad Ali on the set of The Great White Hope at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles. Photo by Lawrence Schiller.

It is 2021 and I still love Rilo Kiley just as much as I did in 2002.

@neauoire I'm surprised by how many times I had to teach friends that grocery store herbs have to be repotted.
"They always die after two weeks"... yeah, duh. There's no nutrition in there. It's planned obsolescence.

@Jellyboneslim @AlohaPilgrim it didn't post the second image. operator error. see above. this post by my friend was censored.

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