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There is slack in seeing someone else genuinely happy.

Sweeeet, the #PineDA can now not only search and play Youtube and Peertube videos but can also search and send YT videos to Kodi and use the keyboard to act as a Kodi remote over the network.

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I spent yesterday and today writing a little uxntal assembler written in uxntal.

Asma, the current self-hosted assembler was written @alderwick, and so I never had to write one, but I was ever since wondering if a basic assembler could be written by a single person in a single day, as a demonstration of the uxn concept.

The current rom of this emulator is 1.8kb, but the goal would be for it to be about 1000 bytes, and printed as raw hex on a piece of paper.

Pfizer just filed for de-listing from the NYSE.

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