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I challenge any card-carrying member to a game of Vampire Savior or SF III: 3rd Strike OR a poplocking/boogaloo cypher
anywhere in the USA
at any time
!!Challenge Issued!! 2021 Hellswami U.C. B, 2021 and it's the calendar year 2021Boikley Baby #1 US Boogalooin' Street Fightin' Vampire Savin' "Bob" Pamphlet-Handin'-out-ass THE FEDERAL INSTITUTION UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY

Disclaimer -- I will not personally beatbox or freestyle but I can get a clench member for that in 1 second try it

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The Decelerationist's Manifesto 


can't believe macaronivirus was created IN A LAB to taste this great..!


friends: if you need to stay longer let us know

enemies: if you need help moving anything let us know


I just had a 15¢ epiphany...

The original pamphlet #1 parody'd atomic age clip art because that was the popular medium for transmitting the normalcy virus back in the day

Now it is our sacred duty to parody corporate art. The new pamphlet would be culture jamming wrapped in a slick web 3.0 app connected scrolly meet our team of diverse CEO CTO Avocado Toast startup frontend with no backend UN spied on piece of soykaf malware etc.

nothin' left but to take gallons of acid and make it

advanced shizophreniatrics 

when you pursue your own goals instead of some backwards centuries-outdated mode that the rest of the mammals where you happened to have plopped into ... that's been pathologist into the greatest offense.

you must never pursue your own goals, only toil so GDP # go up, otherwise you're the greatest whacko and are cut off from all ties to normality

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they should rename ADHD to Thinks, but Not On Useless Bullshit Syndrome ....


cop smelling weed law: whenever a police officer sniffs and the air contains some pungent odor similar to the terpenes found in the female marijuana flower, he may then be granted the right to do whatever the fuck he wants, issueing severe life-ruining penalties, and should himself be spun out on a week of meth.

there is one topic of convo

that doesn't interest me in the least

but i've been hearing about it


since march 2020 🙃

when people have nothing going on

in their lives

they sit around and talk about health insurance plans

and snitch on anyone who does not parrot state propaganda


hmm looks like, from your facial expression and search queries, that you wondered Why you have to keep paying for your own enslavement... *doors lock and you're autodriven to blacksite recycling facility*

you are not gonna believe this I was just spied on in my own home! 🗿📡 :bgft: 📲


why did the matrix franchise go from hacker culture to completely about... "wait, so you're the same person as before? but you physically look different?


and even though we could, through storytelling, continue on as though nothing happened and develop our characters?

guess so.


how do you make a living channeling dead spirits? the only time I ever get paid doing that is to stop

rusted stuck impossible screws the bane of my existence
every single project
every singe time i try to do anything, not hyperbole,
there's a rusted stuck impossible unturning won't go left SCREW that I spend way too much extra time and money breaking tools and the thing itself trying to fix
there has to be some deeper hidden meaning like why why WHY WHHY
^ and that, ladies & germs, is how the conspiracy works in the real world :cnsp:

some Y-ists do got style... right after they bodysnatch me and steal my look

thc infused nft NOW HOW'S THAT FOR A MILLION DOLLAR IDEA?? :jrbd:

best movie I saw last year was Battle Heater (1991)
hahaha it's about a heater that is underneath tables when people sit under them in the winter... that table-heater comes to life and starts eating people in the middle of a punk rock concert and the only person that can stop it is an electronics specialist who built a wired-in power suit. Still can't believe this even exists.
my score: (3 / 3)
:abmb: :abmb: :abmb:

gofundme but for friends... i don't want your money just come hang out & work on the same stuff together... i am going to uproot and destroy isolation

the (open(ly secret)) stated goal of the RNA-DNA
subgenius CLENCH
is of course to form a union of EGOISTS, carry on in like fashion as the young hegalians at DOKTORENKLUB, attempt to sell MILK to people, and die in debtors prison by BEESTING.
let it be in no uncertain terms,

instead of sacrificing 100% to "SOCIETY" and expecting 0% in return;
instead of sacrificing 100% to "SOCIETY" and expecting 0% in return;
instead of sacrificing 100% to "SOCIETY" and expecting 0% in return;

join clench

yo sup set here, yeah i'm a scary shadow puppet on the wall so wat?? you're still terror stricken when you see me lmfaoooo

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