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The Decelerationist's Manifesto 


I hate everybody... and I'm allowed to. I paid $35 for this special right.

Lo, thou pinks shall be flayed ovt in a hel-on-terra comme X-Day

hashtag alive was way worse

the general 'plot' / message of modern zombie movies seems to be that phones and consumer technology will save you. it reads like unsubtle propaganda: you're safe as long as you stay in your rented box with all your gizmos, phone service never goes out, so rely on it.

'get out' was the first genuinely scary movie I've seen in probably a decade, that must have been what watching Hitchcock must've been like, but it also had the same thing, that phones will save you.

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Red Monday
EDT: SP500: −82.29 (-2.48%)
DOW: −886.20 (-3.20%)

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Holy shit... "gig economy" jobs for evicting people during a pandemic... this is some repo man shit for the 21st century without the UFO's


it's fugging habbening 〽️

I was just playing around with chiptune trackers and no joke J. R. “Bob“ Dobbs revealed the entire “Bob“avad Gita to me in full, slack.

Today I got to piss on a soldier memorial in plain sight of ground zero, and I also got fired from working for bougie pinks but still got paid, and I read some of neighborworld! praise “Bob“!

I like because it's all honest reply guys... I use the internet to connect with people and it's cool when people answer me & I'm not a fucking slave to liberal cloutbeasts, spineless brandwashed skinsuit botmen, and no one's getting cancelled for using websites with a reply function to reply R'amen.

I've been trying to decide whom'st've bleeding head is best to be launched by the local golf gulf in this modern era, would ppl still respond to AP?

why is "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" so important?

first because it's a major first tenant of a religion and it cusses, so that sets the stage for a guiding light of the 21st century

second, the Subgenius is light and full of humor, not bogged down in the wastes of the world, pinks are entirely betrodden and defeated, their accusatory woes make their laughs only half-assed and full of shame, they literally cannot take a joke

Dude, go a day without Frop and pinks be swarmin', “you're a no good little shit and i'm the BIG primate!“ all day
What do when ur too awesome?

Pink: let me relate everything back to my childish anxiety and let my emotions rule me and never individuate and always fear the way out which is both easy and obvious, don't expose me

Yeti: *cracks open a beer and cures cancer while jerking off to a picture of wood mites getting it on*

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