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The Decelerationist's Manifesto 


Which is nearer,
name or self?
Which is dearer,
self or wealth?
Which gives more pain,
loss or gain?

All you grasp will be thrown away.
All you hoard will be utterly lost.

Contentment keeps disgrace away.
Restraint keeps you out of danger
so you can go on for a long, long time.

I'm trying to cut out, "mind" from my vocabulary for a while, and try to substitute "emergent property of matter".

This would make Buddhists alone happy, I think. "Oh, mind is a made up construct from Plato? Cool, that's what I've been trying to tell you. Now think from your Hara."

If I do not approve, then the approval rating is 0% as measured by this individual.

If I am unemployed, then the unemployment rate is 100% as measured by this individual.

Your nervous system is the yardstick by which You measure this universe. You the observer are necessarily involved.

Illuminati Secrets for sale! I got a whole mess of these Illuminati Secrets that I'm not gonna need after this week, don't waste your time climbing the freemason degree ladder, I got the final secret and more going for cheap! :cnsp:

"At Stage 16 the post-larval human becomes aware of the bio-electric nature of brain activity. It is like removing the panels which protect the computer and exposing the detailed operation of the circuitry; a revelation which would be distracting to the pilot flying the computer-controlled plane.

The pilot simply wants the directional read- out, and the larval does not want to know that his dinner is made up of atoms which are themselves tiny particles whirling through space."


🎵 My God is a Registered Trademark,
He reigns, if you pay him some bucks

The U.S. Copyright Law, The U.S. Copyright Law,

worried about the future? try making the very same mistake you're worried about, on purpose. people might call you a, "looser" at first, but what do they know? you may end up with a million dollars :pp01:

my angle on the upcoming AI wars of WWIV is that,

the swarm of miniaturized drones that will come and deliver a shot to your skull in less than a nanosecond can think 100 times faster than any human

so it falls upon you to learn how to think 100 times faster, through ingestion of massive amounts of habafropzipulops, critical viewing of shaw brother's kung-fu movies, and general study of the blade

dude writes like a 21 year old cis woman instagram influencer on prozac, metrophage and dhalgren are 10000 times better than neuromancer

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william gibson the great dismal is a liberal pussy who moved to canada and voted for hillary clinton, when the cyberpunk hell he 'predicted' showed up, he was nowhere to be seen, waving the white flag and taking a selfie eating a shake-shack like a little bitch, so fuck your cyberpunk novel dedicated to him

where's the gutter of dobbstown? i want to mingle with the utmost trash garbage and test me resonance

Loser script: Nothing ever goes my way, the universe is against me!

Winner script: I engineer my own luck, and piss on destiny.

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