Every day I wake up and get amazed at the fact that there's a religion, and I'm a part of it, that is fully American, and is about obscure bulldada that I was already into

when I joined other cults, mostly hindoo, my fascination was on which parts of the centuries-old practices and persons got Americanized

Americans are people who have been reincarnated so many times it's not even funny. We pick up something and run with it, we don't need lifetime-after-lifetime to grapple with a concept

the particular difficulty I had in other religions was that I came to them from an anthropologist's point of view

in the anthro canon, they tell you that Ritual is something which creates change in the community by empowering action, but my experience with most cults has been that Ritual is the act of staying stagnant and making sure nothing ever changes by barring the neophytes from interaction with the sacred

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most cults imho are on the 'path of the ant', the imam or the priest or the head CEO guru has all the power, and when the weaklings fall, the top dog will still have all the power

The Subgenius Church actually empowers all its members to transcend the phony separation between priest and practitioner by making everyone The Authority

I don't have any time to waste in bureaucracy (praise Eris). X-day is tomorrow and I'm getting on those space-ships even if I have to build them myself.

@rnadna These are some Grade-A trance transmissions! Praise to Hellswami Berkeley!

:jrbd: subgenius.com

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