william gibson the great dismal is a liberal pussy who moved to canada and voted for hillary clinton, when the cyberpunk hell he 'predicted' showed up, he was nowhere to be seen, waving the white flag and taking a selfie eating a shake-shack like a little bitch, so fuck your cyberpunk novel dedicated to him

dude writes like a 21 year old cis woman instagram influencer on prozac, metrophage and dhalgren are 10000 times better than neuromancer

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Interview in Virus#23
Cyberpunk Influences:

William Gibson: I never really read Dick because I read Pynchon. You don't need Dick if you've read Pynchon. I mean Dick was the guy who couldn't quite do it.

Tom Maddox: Ah, I think that's different, but you haven't read Dick, Bill (laughs)

... Gibson digs Burroughs, so he's okay in my view.

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