The more I keep looking... silver 3po looks like a gothic nightmare... he looks like edward scissorhands & the metropolis droid. he looks like a neurotic avant garde bohemian artist, he looks like what's in dr. calagari's cabinet, he looks like a robotic nosferatu/frankenstein, he looks like a hollywood or hammer monster, he looks like a cocaine addict's dark scribbles

Holy shit... "gig economy" jobs for evicting people during a pandemic... this is some repo man shit for the 21st century without the UFO's

why is "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" so important?

first because it's a major first tenant of a religion and it cusses, so that sets the stage for a guiding light of the 21st century

second, the Subgenius is light and full of humor, not bogged down in the wastes of the world, pinks are entirely betrodden and defeated, their accusatory woes make their laughs only half-assed and full of shame, they literally cannot take a joke

Every other church you go to makes you stay awake all the time, or get up in the morning and do stuff. They stress Calvinist work ethic, tell you to get a 9-5 job to give to the church & repeat "God Brand" advertising slogans, then are down on dreaming and soul flight.

The waking state is produced by beta waves in the brain, which takes all of 10% total capacity to make up. Whereas dreams and deep sleep uses 90% of the brain's activity. So which state is "real" "reality"?

why did everyone think like this 20-30 years ago? do people still think like this?

Doktor K'Taden Legume (5/18/64 - 8/26/95, 8/26/95 - 7/5/2018, 7/5/2018 - 11/27/2018)

I am on board with @Nikolai_Kingsley about the full armor, I find that to be the future, do what you have to to cope, but that's the way fwd. This is some oxygen wars type shit.

Jaron Lanier the founder of VR always talks about it, how the future gadgets aren't going to be like apple, smaller AR glasses & smart-tattoos. It's not gonna fly. Culture going to have to shift more like samurai: "I'm wearing a big thing on my head!! Because I'm a fucking squid in 8 dimensions!"

endless suffering 

a taste of what the conspiracy has in mind for you...

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