In fact, American-style (social) security implies the population's cultural underdevelopment. lt is remarkable to see modern democratic States bragging about their silent majorities. In its way, the silence of the American people has become just as oppressive as that of the Russian people; social standing has become a step toward the invention of the proletarian policeman.

Are you ignoring all the signs? The actual, final apocalypse is only 2 weeks away.

I always think about this project by Bunny Rogers which baffles me as someone with very little access to resources
See, I'm always trying to get a storefront and keep it open, maybe that's been my problem, I should be trying to keep a store closed for aesthetics, instead of run a business to 'sustain my life' or 'compete in the market' what-have-you. Here all that, 'earn your livelihood' business is clearly negated or transcended.

corporations looted the US treasury for $1.5 Trillion but MY anger is at those darn hooligans who have even less than my poor bootlicking ass!


the sentinals from x-men will hunt down and tear apart mutants, the shapes from texhnolyze will mercilessly kill or refactor humans, the reavers from firefly will rape and skin anything they get their hands on, the yuuzhan vong from star wars will graft your organs onto their flesh... all of these fictional species have nothing on the yacatisma


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