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"Rise Up You Sinners", featuring a guest vocal by Ivan Stang. If any of this crap entertains you, I would appreciate your hitting the "Subscribe" button.

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Write down what happens in your dream before you make coffee, or you'll forget what you wanted to write down. I woke up this morning from a dream with Gregg Turkington and William Shatner, but I can't remember who else was in it or what they were doing. I think Shatner was driving a golf cart with some sort of telemonitor, but I'm not sure.

"Teargas Bracketed Thrust" is a song about a nude stock broker's inefficacious attempt to scale a greased tungsten pole while a poorly rehearsed barber shop quartet participates in a celebrity tribute dinner for Perry Como. Nobody seems to notice that they're in Ohio, or that the caterer has five appendages and is named Cletus.

If you've ever wanted to watch an 80 year old guy make mac & cheese with canned tuna and raisins, this will definitely help.

I'm testing to see if YouTube will take down a video which describes why a previous video was taken down, and provides a way to see the deleted video on a different site. I guess I'm bored.

"Rise Up You Sinners", featuring a guest vocal by Ivan Stang. If any of this crap entertains you, I would appreciate your hitting the "Subscribe" button.

"Fuck the Philosopher's Stone - animated occult abstracts" by Andre Perkowski / Terminal Pictures

"Stumpy" is a song about a legless monkey who peregrinates on a skateboard. His assistants monitor your activities, leaving him free to purchase shirts and cigarettes.

Hungarian stop motion animation. Maybe it's a public service announcement. Maybe it's an ad for chili. Use your imagination.

People who watch 60s TV series are probably familiar with Sterling Silliphant, since he wrote many of the most turgid episodes of shows like "Naked City" and "Route 66". What I wasn't aware of is that his brother Robert wrote the screenplays for both "The Creeping Terror" and "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies".

Henry Bliss was killed by an automobile in 1899, and is purportedly the first person to die in this manner on either of the American continents. This is some ambient music I wrote and dedicated to dear departed Hank.

Canada does not use zip codes. It uses postal codes. These do not correlate with geographical regions as American zip codes do. They are assigned to different varieties of processed meat. This ad originally aired on The Dumont Network in 1952.

I've had a YouTube channel for about a month. Today I got my first content takedown and a warning. Ironically another channel has the exact same video, and it's been there for five years. I don't use the term "censorship" unless a government is doing it, but in any case, this is what triggered them.

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