Are you gonna be at the track for the flaming fourteen car pile-up?

"It's a habit, a problem, and a hobby"
-Boris Badenov

Cephalopods are giving me all kinds of problems all of a sudden. I'm not gonna link to a video cause the one I watched f'ked me up real good just now...damn things...

I'm supposed to have fish for dinner

BTW, that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah

Sous vide everything you can. Toast the rest. Ask me for the recipes.

The guy with the orange hat has me playing this way too loud.
Pra "Bob!"

Indiscrete message in the last game.

Nowhere to play it either.

Green gummy for St. Pat's Day since the Smokin' o' the Green would have gone on regardless.

You'll learn more from "there's only one way to find out" than history could ever teach you.

Is The Algorithm telling any of you to watch this, or is it just me?

This unimpressive cat picture took entirely too long to take. Viola's been giving me the stinkeye since I got home, but every time she smells the camera, she turns around to lick something.

My wife is fighting breast cancer so i had to do something.
I'm a musician here in New Zealand so I'm really happy to announce the release of my latest music offering, a 4 track EP entitled 'A Taste of Home'. This is free to download, all I ask is that you donate whatever you can to the Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ.
Head on over to

for everything you need to know, feel free to share this with family and friends and I hope you enjoy the music

If my Friday w*rk doesn't go according to the con's unfathomable rhythm, I will be expected to do it Saturday (while still serving the conspiracy Friday on something other)

Turning Thursday night into Friday night would be an unexpected tilt of the Luck Plane, but turning Saturday into Monday is like the Yacatizma came just for me.

So, throwing paper airplanes from the top of the Astoria Column (1 1/2 hours away) is a thing. It just dawned on me to make planes from propaganda.

Luck planes

Snow day started with crepes from sourdough starter and peaked with said crepe folded over ham and cheese in a Toas tite and finished in the fireplace.

Started watchnng a Lee Perry doc, and about 4 minutes in he shows you his hat, and you can see the tin foil peeking out.

It takes about 24 hours to dissolve a gummy in a shot of vodka. You have to plan ahead.

Got some 00 flour, used 40% with the bread flour, moved the steel right up under the broiler, and kept the cheese off til the last 3 minutes. Best one yet.

Death to False Pizza

The later it gets, the closer you are to knowing what time it is.

Dr. Habib was subject to a most slack robbing haircut. The grooming is not my decision, nor is it his.

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