Over Red Bull. What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, stop by. I'll be up.

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@rvnegt there should be no controversy over these simple facts. Yet I predict the unsaved majority will pretend nothing is wrong with their lack of membership in the Church of the SubGenius. Thank you for this bold superscience factogram!

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Bulldada Time Control Labs will need to tune this up

Martian year = 687 days

2019* × 365=736,935 days

*this needs to be replaced with the year earth and mars were swapped to reveal the true x-day

÷687 days makes it year 1072 on Mars

1998-1072=926 Martian years til Xday

926×687=636,162 days until 1998 on Mars

÷365 days=1742 Earth years til Xday

2019+1742 makes Xday July 5, 3761

numbers were rounded by completely ignoring those right of the decimals (the math of least resistance)

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Explaining to my gf's toddler nephew that that's "Bob" and when he smells your money, he knows all about you. I sent him $35.00 and now he's my friend.

When we go out to eat, I fire up my legal ordainment and bless everybody's food without telling them.
You can bless a fuckton of food if you go to a buffet.

Got my kitchen science slack today. Started with green beans and everclear, ended with a handle of coffee liquor for my gf. Sugar free. Tastes like 80 proof black coffee. Decaf was her request. I've been honing my coffee liquor recipe for some time now. (here's a freebie-cold brew the cut at room temperature in 10%ABV) We were gifted 4 fifths of everclear, so there are a few more batches on the horizon. I'm partial to a medium roast columbian bean myself.

My gf found a plastic Jeter at the Goodwill and stuck it on the sportsball tv. This morning I realized he had the kung fu grip.

"Bob" please send my saucer before I live long enough to see *that* happen.

We're talking about the same thing and two different things at the same time. I've got my internal dialogue on the ropes. Totally worth $35.00.

Little while back the customer's pre-schooler gave me this as we were leaving the job. It's me and the dumbass the shop sent to help bringing in the carpet, with a saucer overseeing the operation.


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