@RevFanboy I never doubted that the deplorables would start setting up their own Mastodon servers. I also didn't doubt that they'd become their own walled gardens as they got blocked at server-level by users and server-admins who are of good heart and stout character like @onan

Well, I see from repeated exposure that the rest of Mastodon has become the libertarian neckbeard hellscape that it was destined to be. I guess I'll just keep blocking evil people and Praise "Bob".

In an unfortunate turn of the Luck Plane, we forgot the special paper tickets for Dock Ellis night and ended up just watching the game.

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So twice now we went to the sportsball and entered The Park through the Team Store, and both times we went to our seats and watched The Game without ever having our virtual tickets Scanned. One time they asked to see Tickets upon entering the Store, but any old screen shot would have sufficed. Quoth the Attendant, They will Scan it Inside.

Not sayin' you could just walk into a game, but we just walked right on in to those two.

Slack is when Tomorrow's w*rk orders show up early enough to see a cake walk coming and you can still act on it in Tonight's best interest. Pra "Bob"!!!
Surf the Luck Plane on a capable board. $35.00

We have tickets for the sportsball in Seattle 9/11. Turns out that's gonna be Dock Ellis night at The Game.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

This is the second time in recent memory that the 'what's on your mind' thing spared me from posting something stupid.

Yeah, I know, I post mostly stupid anyway, but I was fixing to go off.

I wonder if bigfoot knows where King Kong is, but I'm not going to describe the process that brought that about.

Credit where due, the algorithm nailed it. Surely the Luck Plane was involved.


If you want to understand normalcy, look at the people believing pointless conspiracy theories as an excuse.

They believe in this complex, bizarre underworld . . . as an excuse not to do something. To go on as normal.

They spin yarns out of Facebook B.S. just to not do anything different.

We put a chuck roast in the big sous vide bag with a jar of verde and let it rip for 36 hours before finishing it with the dab torch.

Today I wasted several minutes thinking about some events in the past. Not just thinking about those events but being upset about them, as if being upset would grant me the ability to change the events.

Well, that's just telling myself a lie. I'm not against telling myself a lie, I'm against telling myself a cruel, stupid lie. I should tell myself AWESOME lies.

Letting those events go, or re-writing them via SubGenius Memory Editing, that is the way forward.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

My True Yeti Mate, who knew to buy the electric eyeballs at Goodwill without me there, is even more OCD than me, and when she laughed, I stopped adjusting the eyeballs. They're pointed where they're pointed.

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Temporary Art Installation under the TV in the Zen Room. Should I have put in an eye contact warning?

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