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Our SubGenius ministry is reaching around the globe, thanks to your kind donations. What began out-of-pocket is now close to self-sustaining... which means we will soon increase our premiums, our page-count and our propaganda accordingly!

Bullwinkle has his line when he makes the same move over and over to undesirable results, "Don't know my own strength". With me, it's "Don't know my own age"

I don't think we will do 'Trumpocalypse' tonight because news is moving so quick and becomes stale so quickly. Also, it's all too real and raw for everyone, we think. Including us. We may have some allusions to current events, but mostly we will choose stuff that looks good off our randomized 'Everything' playlist and whatever else comes to mind. We'll dance with the random tonight, on the fly. If anyone has any requests, lmk... thx. Going on in a bit.

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We have psilocybin on the ballot and I'm down, however, and I'm only a Dr. in Dobbstown, I think I would have started with mescaline.

They put a picture of a monkey spilling a drink on it because putting a mirror on it would cost a fortune.

No...not that Steve you go. Have some Seventies...I was 9 y/o.

Half a dozen Po'buckers gonna kidnap the governor sounds like a Coen Bros. movie.


shoutout to all the American Subgenii, who have almost forgotten a time when weed was illegal and you had to know someone in order to get hold of it.

The only thing I like about Facebook is that you can comment on the ads. . .

Got home from w°rk, opened a beer, and proceeded to get sufficiently fropped to forget I had a beer. Pra "Bob"!!!

When you quit your job, you can do all kinds of stuff to gain Slack

Like for me, I started writing with my non-dominant hand, the first few times it was terrible obviously, but ~10 min/day for 3 years, now I can write left-handed backwards, upside-down, both at once - ambidextrous drawings with different pens. That's Slack for me, and my parents hate it because it doesn't "get me a job" in order to "pay rent" which Im perfectly fine with

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