Sales Magick sold me the t-shirt before it dangled the fertility mask in front of me, but I got my money's worth because now I can go full Bank Robber.
The Luck Plane would do this for you if you had the sense to join when the Time is Right.

Podunk St. Helens is having a protest tonight. Only been a week. My fertility mask came today, thusly my yeti gf and I could both be properly protected. However, when we got to the dispensary, the glorps that own it closed it early in fear of the podunk St. Helens protest and we were forced to return home.

Viola wants a staring contest. Kinda mood I'm in tonight, I may win this MF.

Some pink motherfucker stole my bike right out of the carport last night. The bike is a drop in the bucket of Slack the bike provided.
POS wyzecam didn't catch anything. Useless fucker.
We have a little wisp of a Persian that rides in my Yeti gf's bike basket. His helmet came yesterday, and today I don't have a bike to go out on. Pink motherfucker stole mine.

I heard the call tonight and took the projector mod up to the highway to broadcast propaganda. Before I went, I did an image search for Dobbsheads, looking for interesting specimens. This guy came up in the results.

We scored some Mickey's at the grocery outlet. Every cap has a different puzzle underneath. Got some gummies too (not from grocery outlet) and the same joke is under every lid.

We have a second fridge out in the shop that we're slowly covering with cheap Chinese stickers from Wish. This one turned up in what must be the sixth or seventh 500 pack. It says nothing but 'no', and it's pink.

I know a sign when I see one. Don't let this be your clock. Time control - $35.00

Rev. Norel Pref is on my list of recurring shordurpersavs. Pick any compendium, mute the tv, and scroll channels til something works. My best success comes from news channels and children's programming. I had Arthur line up with this stuff scary good on several occasions. Don't know if it means anything.

O.K. here it is. I got google to cough it up without going in the house. This particular sticker was applied to a utility pole in Key West on New Year's Eve 2015. I have video of Darth Vader playing banjo from that same night, but enough already.

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Cut out from one of Rev. Dr. Nick Largo's stickers, strategically applied to the decanter at the Turning Point. The Dobbshead from said sticker has been strategically applied to an Xistlessmas display I may or may not post pics of.

The original complete sticker was a beautiful thing. I have a single specimen left, but it's inconvenient location prevents me providing you a picture.

This is Viola. She'd rather lick her own ass than eat people food.

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