Moore's law walks into a bar and buys a round for the bar. Programmers immediately buy another 10,000 rounds expecting to put it on their tab. None of them have noticed that Moore's law left the bar a while ago.

action figures from my favourite tv show, “cosmos warrior, peaceful bodyguard”

Just a friendly reminder to

Grand Jury Prize at Texas Feature Film (April 2019) for...


If you're a 'loner', SO BE IT! When those 'popular' creeps are 30 and have drab lives of passion-deadening security and boredom, you'll have gone through all sorts of interesting hell, paid your abnormality dues, and become a cool swinger, getting away with more wild shit than they ever dreamed possible -- because you didn't give up, and kept up the F.I.B. ("Faith In 'Bob'")! That's what we did, and now we're better and cooler than anybody else!

Church of the SubGenius


OPENING DAY means 'the day in which you must open up your heart to #honkball and accept it as your sport and saviour'.

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