Dobbs.Town is now 1 year old. We are in the top 10% of all instances of Mastodon by membership. THANKS!

This has been a fun online rolling devival to host, so please don't send me any $. However, if I did this & it did not generate any revenue for the SubGenius Foundation, it might have been better to send $ directly to "Bob".

MY REQUEST TO YOU: Take advantage of the current two-for-one Membership Package sale at The SubGenius Foundation. Tell 'em sent you!


thank you @onan for giving us a place to slackpost that isn't facebook or google groups

@samclam you are very welcome! If it weren't for the SubGenius Foundation then not any of this - none of this - would be happening. I don't make a cent reminding people of how many decades of slack have radiated from the sacred PO box and how we all owe much more than we've paid. Go make a donation, or buy a stack-o-Pamphlets, or get something that otherwise gives you slack OR takes away the slack of someone you hate.

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