why calibrate chipped un-hip indexes needlessly? forget that old hole mole mildewed wheezing and ill-wielding vicocyclometer. it's the innovation that needs no introduction. introducing the incredible invisible visualizer. imagine, reactive or reductive transduction conducted individually for any given situation, from simplistic to out and out ritualistic. it's a tabulation fixation that's transforming a pixelated and fictitious nation.


not a masturbation station, but a haitian vacation situation that's an integration of elation unrelated to inflation or any other type of conflagration. tarnation! how does it work? the invisible visualizer indivisibly integrates individual integers intelligently. no more messy office. reboot that mutilated too-cute computer. fold that old re-caulked calculator. spindle your boss and give 'em the toss! don't miss the piss dish. no more nose mess. dental floss crossed off.

it's the revamp champion. ample chapped apple samples for cramped grandma hampers. yes! confer fat feces from creased greasy leeches or smooth and teasy peaches. replaces braces in all sorts of places without traces in hundreds of cases. and look, set fire to it-- it consumes itself! tantamount to industrial sabotage. savage grace? it can be yours instantly. the invisible visualizer balances the biometric forces behind most divorces, yins the yang chain between the brain and the anus,

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and double bonus, removes the onus betwixt animation and animus. plus, double fucked on the bus or in the crux between waxed biscuits or extra crust, it does the thinking for you. now how much would you pay? but wait, there's more. order now and receive an extra ounce of "BOB"'s BLESSING on every steak you eat for the next sixteen years. yes, that's every steak, diseased or not, plus the handsome penguin replica scissors that we talked about earlier.

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my invisible visualizer gave my tweezers the breeze. now my unibrow intimidates the dentist and gets me bumped up in line at the supermarket. thanks to the all-seeing fourth eye of my invisible visualizer, I replace lunch with hunch and now I'm always in control of everything!

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remember, if everybody on the planet gets just one invisible visualizer, we will all live as gods and peace and tranquility will reign on earth for thousands of years, but until then, why not get your own and completely rule in every conceivable way over your foolish friends and neighbors who are too stupid to get one themselves, through this once in a lifetime TV offer. order yours today.

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