OK thanks to @onan I will deeply ponder the idea of a SubGenius/MetaOccult Devival at a relevant con. There are ways to do it distributive/iterative.

Now to get through goddamn Omicron.

@RevXenoFact @onan Mann I've never been to a devival, I've got to go and cult indoctrinate all my loved ones first smh 😤

@SpencerSpencer @RevXenoFact @onan You can do it, man. Just remember the fundamental rule of it all: wherever there are two or three, or preferably more, Subgenii, hopefully some with bewbs so it doesn't become a sausagefest even though that it is the way these things go 99% of the time, then you have yourself your very own Devival.
Invite some friends, drink some drink, smoke something strange, and rant. FUCKING RANT!
Listen to weird music too.


@SpencerSpencer @RevXenoFact @onan Good attitude! Make a lot of noise now, because when you die you shut up like Hell.

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