it' Internat'l Polar Bear Day, and they LOVE it! Look at the pinks run...

tooting on behalf of my wall-walking friend, StinkBug: 'Beware', says he. Praise "bug", I mean "Bob"

This little Wise dog, Cooper
was my best friend for 17 years.


This dog was a true inspiration, help & example for me...

He had a Zen Attitude Always, pacific, pacifist & estoico

Sometimes you can Learn more from a dog than from some persons...
I called him the Zen Dog, the Slack Dog.

Still miss you Cooper, you are taking the Great Wave of Luck Plane forever! 😇

Some viewed him as an agent of the Conspiracy. Some viewed him as an opponent of the Conspiracy. The official position of the Church of the SubGenius is to believe every claim of every religion, no matter how contradictory. Therefore, a moment of reverent silence and / or disrespectful noise for Lyndon LaRouche (1922 - 2019).

Is this the right way to make a really good pizza? Asking for a friend...

I am the emperor's new Reverend. Only the wise among you can understand this message.

Blerp bloop blonka Banga horozongini.

Now go, and spread the good word, ye enlightened.

Oh one one oh one one oh oh oh one one oh one one one one oh one one one oh one one oh oh one one oh oh one oh one

forgive me "Bob" but I have sinned. It has been unknown days since my last log-in. You see, I found a bear hibernating in my doughnut stash, and he wanted a cup of coffee. and then he just would not SHUT UP!

O "Bob"! Thou has seen enough to split the planets and make an infidel of Abraham, and not one syllable is thine!

HOLY HELL :jrbd:

"Bob" does not forgive. He does not care. Or maybe I am wrong: what the hell do I know of "Bob". My sins as a child in the 70's are now unforgivable, it seems. I should have never cared, but I shouldn't care that I cared, and I don't care now that I sin, as long as I sin in the name of "Bob". Praise be unto he who is called "Bob".

The day I met a SubGenius who worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency (USA) was the day I learned the word of “Bob” is heard where it is heard, not just where I thought I would be heard. It’s not that we all have to be chums, but that our membership fees are all the same. There are plenty of SubGenii you might not like - you might be one yourself!

Help! One after another I show stink bugs the door. Or is it the same stink bug? or is it "Bob"? What would "Bob" do with a bug? Am I doing the bidding of "Bob"? This stinks, and it really bugs me!

Of all of the Church Teachings, "Give up and get" has been the most important one for me. Almost all of the good things I have received in life (and there have been many) have come to me through plain dumb luck without any effort on my part. If this is not SLACK, then what is?

the ice storm cometh. Please "bob", spew your frozen seed upon us heartily. Free me from another day among the pinks that I might instead waste my time frivolously frolicking in the froppiness of thy glory.

A public reply to some private inquiries - those SubGenii who are interested in discreet trading of audio and video (all legal, of course) are encouraged to get their 50 GB of end-to-end encrypted storage space at

As of February 2019, has 7,200+ posts by 813 mutants. Many more mutants are here and have yet to post. The site has been archived offline in case of disaster. Upon this firm foundation shall we build our clench. Praise "Bob"!

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