I can't find a post from a few days ago...it had an image of some people in front of regular cars and another image of people in front of electric cars...does anyone remember where this was?

Becoming a Subgenius Reverend guarantees cancel protection. First, if someone can't take a joke, fuck them. Let that sink in.

Second, normals take one look at The Church of the Subgenius and go, "Oh, "Bob" funney, randem monkey cheese XD" and turn away. You can say, do, and be whatever you want as a Subgenius and no one cares. No one would care otherwise, but now there's a holy writ behind it.

The best part is that it only costs $35 to get cancel protection for life!

I mis-read this as:

"I'd like my elephant to read 'fucked around, found out'."

Like...three times before I got it right.

"Funny thing about desire. If it's not crude, it's not pure." -- Dr. Caligari 

@Thomas Can the good Dr. join the party?

Love that the privacy notice on #YouTube is full of evil. Opt out of Google Analytics by downloading an extension? Visit three different links to opt out of advertising tracking? Save your privacy settings by signing in? Oh, #Google. 😂

Why is it so difficult to locate Spongebob Squarepants with the audio tracks in German?

Be better than your heroes. They weren't even trying to be your heroes.

If you're unfamiliar with the tilvids.com/ peertube instance, you are advised to peruse it

NCN Sunday: 'Squattergate - The Complete Epic' (Noon-Midnight PACIFIC) STARTS NOW: at bit.ly/2IwvDRT Feel free to grab a stream! Radio Programming For The End Times!

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