TIL Jerry Lewis made a movie where he played a clown making jewish children laugh while in line for a nazi gas chamber

Is it possible to accidentally catch monkeypox from your own butt??

asking for a friend :/

what it feels like passing that generational border

'day dryness' commercial comes on the dealership waiting room TV of a diapered baby dancing to


nearby millennial: is that some old song? I think I've heard it before

me: yes, and coincidentally it's also about sucking on a bottle and shitting yourself

Since hearing about ONJ's death I've been watching Xanadu pretty much continuously in the background, what a hilariously awful, and totally awesome movie, such a perfect slice of what the 80s was gonna be

"Rocky Mountain Laser College" now that's a school I want to go learn how to vaporise my enemies at

uh oh, the boyfriend left me a bunch of gummies he hates the flavor of

whatever will I do with them

I've been leaving copies of Subgenius Pamphlets #1 and #2 in the neighborhood's Little Free Library and let me just tell you that my neighborhood's NextDoor pages have never been more entertaining

just the CUTEST new little candidate came to my door, all oozing with seriousness and optimism, and I engaged him positively for awhile reassuring him I'd probably vote for him while using my entire werewithal to contain my puerile entailing of what kind of scandal would take him down, sexual, economic, legal, or what...

probably caught livestreaming on the dark web eating veal-caged slow-roasted babies in a kitten/puppy reduction with a side of toasted abortions

and how much everyone in that picture is going to drink before the day is out

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the only thing I can think of when I see marketing photos of laughing families in water parks is how difficult it would be to reasonably measure how much of that liquid is fresh piss

The Church of the SubGenius: The Locus of Entre-manure-ial Success

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