That's big talk from a guy who masturbates the way some people have a god


Click it a bunch of times rapidly to hear the pinks burning in a nuclear oven!


throw out the MOLDY BEAN DIP from the REFRIGERATOR like an ADULT

the subgenii ar coming for you, time control allows us to make it sure you never existed

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feed the algorithms mountains of plausible garbage

do your duty to destroy the conspirators via their balance sheets

force them to buy 1,000,000 units of bullshit they're going to sit on for years

watch them burn up falling out of orbit

why yes amazin
, pinnacle of capitalist customer service, I did want five bottles of Afrin instead of the five hypoallergenic pillow covers I ordered

and keep showing me that dogs taking a shit calendar

it's like you fuckin' know me

but man, the movie has some hot fake scottish chubbos wearing kilts and talking brogue accurately enough to make me scared and hard

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now it's debateable which makes you fuck harder, fred or wilma

keep barney and betty to come down from that four hours erection

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You just don't know man, you just don't know. That rush as it tingles in your vein and up your arm and lands in your brainpan, man, it's another world. It buzzes and churns, spins in a fantastic maelstrom, makes you hard as a rock and tight as a drum. It'll give you an all-night high along with an all-day rush you'll need to sell a billion in securities and fuck every hooker in sight. It's just so sad you can't get flintstones vitamins over the counter anymore. fuckin ADDICTS ruin everything man

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