Kevin O’Leary is holding a bunch of USDC and using it somehow to make money off it but I didn’t really understand it. How can you do that?

I’m treating crypto as a savings account and I want to figure out how to make it more useful.

@alex If you send it to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, your crypto will be much more useful. To J. R. "Bob" Dobbs.

@onan Does "Bob" happen to have an Ethereum address by any chance? I don't know much about all this blockchain nonsense, but I do have a little hoard of ether sitting around doing nothing.

@zudlig The SubGenius Foundation is ready to receive your love offerings via PayPal, and PayPal can handle Ethereum and Bitcoin and a couple other cryptocurrencies.

Look for the "donate" button at...

:jrbd: 💸

@Hyolobrika For $35 you get all this...


... AND a guaranteed reserved seat on a real flying saucer when the world ends on July 5th, 1998.

@onan I doubt all that costs $35. It looks like mostly paper. I was going to ask where the profit is going but it looks like 'Reverend Stang's pocket. How much is Rev Stang making off this weird in-joke you need to pay to be in on, I wonder? Cory says he/she's making a living. A good job, if you can get it.

@Hyolobrika @onan Eternal salvation or triple your money back isn't worth the $35?? Dude, I've had my pleasure saucer seat since **1990** and my life's never BEEN BETTER!

@Hyolobrika @onan Then you're definitely getting your money's worth if you aren't paying to find out what you REALLY think.

@terrifyingvoiceofbob @onan Look, I get that you feel like you are in on some massive joke that the rest of us "normals" don't get. But at the end of the day, you still paid real money. So...

@Hyolobrika @onan Make your latent yeti genes tingle with delight! It'll be the best BOBgasm you'll ever have in your life!

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