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technology is making people easier to use!

what if we are living in a simulation, and part of the population has to sleep to save computing power?

Big wake up call coming for any products with electronic sub-components made in China. Once the distributors run out of stock, that is.

Mi esperas, ke vi ankau estas hejme kaj lernas Esperanton

Attend to your vicetiquette! Learn to sin - correctly! You can stop yourself from being the boss of you, BY FORCE if necessary! The means to transgress the transgression of failing to transgress is within your grasp - but is it in your reach? Find out when you JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


15 minutos pra começar a aula e estou pelado e molhado

For metal fans, Master Boot Record dropped his newest album Floppy Disk Overdrive a week ago (listen to it via ).

Win two bonus tracks by completing the CTF on Music and hacking go hand-in-hand very well :blobhearteyes:

COVID19 politics 

"No le ocurre nada a su televisor. No intente ajustar la imagen. Ahora somos nosotros quienes controlamos la transmisión..."

Mas allá del limite

Keep up with the excuses to not create! There's always one more piece of gear to need, there's always new software to become proficient at, there's always things you need to do (demonstrating scheduling skills that never get applied to "set aside time for creating"), there's "being tired," and most of all there's not "feeling" like it or not "feeling" inspired. Keep putting it off. You're only getting younger and more healthy, there's plenty of time tomorrow, nobody needs practice. PUT IT OFF.

when a teenager starts "caring" about politics:

(not talking about jreg here, just made for a good shitpost)
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