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rick & morty is just great

tbh it's probably a straw man argument? 

@vlgvrs (or the argument of a crazy fringe of a group) Like it, literally assumes the person arguing the point is going to call scorpions male.

I mean, has anyone properly argued the rule is inappropriately applied to women and not men. Does it really need to be a whole scene like that.

Also assuming it's 40%-60 (we're being charitable here) and there are 5 scenes, each involving 3 people, so 0.3^3=6.4% is all women, i.e. roughly 30% would pass.

tbh it's probably a straw man argument? 

@vlgvrs (also they state each others names, but i suspect they just be named somewhere, not in the conversation itself..)

The above 30% estimate might be off because people talk about ungendered objects too. Also i have no idea how many scenes there are etc.. It's very rough estimate... lists 58% from passing all three criteria.. Which, tbh doesn't sound terribly bad. (tho probably way more pass the male-Bechdel)

tbh it's probably a straw man argument? 

@jasper are you analyzing a story created by a teenager (Morty's story)?

anyway, Rick & Morty is satire

tbh it's probably a straw man argument? 

@vlgvrs think it's made by adults. Dan Harmon and.. probably a bunch others.

it *very clearly* has a message about the Bechdel test.

tbh it's probably a straw man argument? 

@jasper did you watch the other episodes?

They do satire, there's no sacred things, like South park do too

@vlgvrs you can't just say anything and throw a "just kidding! it's just a joke" at end. Like South Park knows it too, they did an episode about rethorical "just asking questions" guys.

Here it says, there are "Politically Correct" people, who overreact to silly things and they pass it on their children.

Stereotypes can always be used as labels, with actual positions swept under the rug. South Park also covers hicks stereotypically of course. (Tho Trump support is pretty indicative)

@jasper Are you doing something about the human rights violations in Cuba and Venezuela? Or the rampant racism crisis in China now?

Is anyone outraged by actual world problems? Or is this all just stuff to get "internet virtue points"?

I'm tired of this shit, It's already been 10 years of this eternal discussion, and the people who most need help are still forgotten because offensive cartoons are the problem now

@vlgvrs dunno where you're looking for "people" but plenty of real issues there.

Suppose if you look at "back to normal" liberals, or corporate democrat stooges, you're gonna find nonsense.

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