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Germany mortality rate 0.9%
Canada mortality rate 0.9%

can we just do whatever they are doing?

@claudiom now that I think of it, that cone is the solution to facial recog cameras.

"the conspiracy pays you really well to do work that is forgettable"

No Slack? We now know that Freud identified the source of neurosis in his patients as deficiencies in Slack. The word Slack wouldn't enter the vernacular for nearly a half-century later when JR "Bob" Dobbs coined the term and prophesized a world without Slack. The Psychology Conspiracy denies it all. But we really are losing Sack. Let's not be in denial. We all feel our Slack slipping away. Doctors For "Bob" have a prescription. Find out today at

:jrbd: :jrbd:

If you get stopped by a cop in Washington for violating quarantine, you can say you're on your way to buy weed and they will let you go.

How times have changed.

"Researchers report that they can rejuvenate human cells by reprogramming them to a youthful state."

are WE the replicants after all? that's a plot twist

Folding@Home Crushes Exascale Barrier, Now Faster Than Dozens of Supercomputers - ExtremeTech

The Folding @ Home network continues its inescapable march to world domination. Today, the exaflop. Tomorrow, the world.

sometimes I think US sunk a Greek ship carrying Venezuelan Oil to Iran few months ago, and no one is talking about it

I mean, remember the oil spill in the northeast Brazillian beaches some time ago? And the revolution in Iran because of the Oil prices spike?

crazy times

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