@onan This is like those lost souls which got exorcised in Beetlejuice :0

Is it just me or does the section starting at 5min18sec sounds like my version of the “stupid sexy Flanders” meme to me?

The RetroArch for RS90(RetroMini) doesn’t transfer the essential files, such as the cores; they aren’t automatically found… I’ve had to copy all of those directories and paste them into a hidden directory for it: they’re now okay! :)

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Installed the RetroArch application on my RS90 unit :D Yay me!

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It had taken me many tries, but I’ve finally modded my old RetroMini console emulator to run on OpenDingux opendingux.net/OpenDingux.html

😮‍💨 Almost finished the template for the zine’s outside prints; it has generalized information which will be repeated for each issues, but only the inside prints will change (as a peak-a-boo reveal).

Finally decided that my 1page zine format would be loosely based on the classic Subgenius pamphlets… I could possibly do some in parody gospel tracts too.

I’m intrigued by the idea of using the Gemini protocol for publishing digital zines online… 🤔

I think that I was visited by Saint Gulik in my dreams this morning 🪳

Finished cleaning my feed from old posts… Good thing to do on Sailor Saturn’s bday today 👍


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