TERMS OF DOBBS.TOWN (27 January 2019 8:30pm PST): Like most religious institutions worth a darn, dobbs.town is not a democracy. Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite, the Mayor of dobbs.town, has the ability to set any SubGenius and any toot free! Free to be somewhere besides dobbs.town. Three general rules if you're not sure about a toot: First, ask yourself if the content of the toot is allowed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Second, ask yourself if the content of the toot is something that could be shown on broadcast television in the United States. Third, if the content of the toot goes against one of these two, ask yourself if you are fighting the Conspiracy or if you came to my party yet I have to clean up after you. "But what about this certain exception?" ASK ME - we'll figure it out. There are plenty of things that we all see, say, do, think, know and buy that don't belong everywhere at all times. If I'm paying the bills yet have to clean up after you, reconsider. Please don't make this "work" for me. If you're fighting the Conspiracy (including your inner Conspiracy), your toot is Dobbs Approved. - REV. DR. ONAN CANOBITE

Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.