TERMS OF SERVICE AT DOBBS.TOWN (17 March 2020 9:41pm PST) Dobbs.Town is open to all paid members of the Church of the SubGenius (subgenius.com). That membership is the sum total of any commonality among our citizens. Content that is more or less allowed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, more or less allowed on broadcast television in the United States, and more or less Pro-Mutant and Anti-Conspiracy, is more or less allowed at dobbs.town. Not approved, not agreed upon, only allowed. The Mayor of dobbs.town, Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite, is paying the bills and accepts no donations. He gets to decide how the money is spent. Don't devolve this party into a job. Reports against citizens of dobbs.town will receive a response within seven days if (1) accompanied with a request for action (example: 'remove this post') and if (2) accompanied with a contact address (ActivityPub, email, etc.). Any report without both of these will be considered for information purposes only and may not receive a response.

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