I have a Twitter dilemma.
My account has been suspended because I disagreed with a men's proposition that he is a biological female.
The pile on I copped was extraordinary. There was a bit of to and fro, but I never got abusive or strayed into any other personal territory with my comments. I just held the line that this man is not a woman.
To get back into my account I have to delete my factual comments. He gets to keep his lies posted publicly.
Twitter is evil.
It is such a large public talking platform that was ostensibly set up for the exchange of ideas. But it is obviously not that.
I know I am a small voice and that far more important voices than mine have been silenced by Twitter and FB.
How do we fight back and have our voices heard. Twitter obviously wants to present the false narrative that most people agree with these statements of biological nonsense.
I was much happier before I joined Twitter a few months ago, thinking it didn't matter what people said on there. But after a few short months, I can see it is not only fostering these dangerous TRA lies, but propping them up and giving them legitimacy by censoring truth.
Twitter is a hotbed of mysogeny and Trans ideology.
It is at the heart of this woman hating TRA ideology.
How do we fight it?
Do I delete my comments voluntarily and carry on?
Do I leave the comments posted as some kind of short-lived futile protest?
Do I start a new account?
How do women fight this evil silencing of woman?



> I have a Twitter dilemma.
My account has been suspended

i'd say that was a win. arguing with twitter is like arguing with the echo from the world's largest toilet bowl.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Jingles Arguing anything on Twitter is almost cause. Even with the slightly increased characters limit, there's still barely enough so it still usually devolves into a slap fight

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and co and not forums, they're basically comment sections, and comment sections always delivers an inferior way to debate anything, as they're just made for commenting
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