What do you call it when a Raven gets sick? 


Was listening to Show and heard them mention my favorite food which I haven't eaten in a long time, guess I gotta pick some up for dinner tonight!


Well now I don't know if it is technically a good thing but I have the next 5 days off! Usually I wouldn't look some gift slack in the mouth, but I'll just say there are more desirable reasons to have to stay home for a week, this one seems to be the work of the nameless one rather than "Bob". 'Least I have Frop and plenty of Show, HOS, and ADH to listen to!

It's a longshot I know, and somewhat uncouth, but do any of my fellow pirates out there have a Cinemageddon account by chance? Seeking an invite, or a live pet jackalope, whichever I find first as they seem to be about as rare as one another.

Unfortunately the only tracker I am on is useless as proof "but you can trust me, I'm a minister!" (Really just know I would figuratively kill to keep that acct in good standing bc it is the only one that fills the niche I need it to so I'd also *have* to)

With everybody doing introductions for some reason, here's mine:

My name is Oswald Joedon Rhea,

Well you can call me Rhea, or you can call me J, or you can call me Ozzy, or you can call me Joedon, or you can call me Oswald, you can call me Rhea J, or you can call me OJ, or you can call me O. J. Rhea, or you can call me O.J.R, but ya doesn't have to call me Pink!


Aisle 48, Shelf 1, Object D7:C4:7A:FB:9C:ED

A plaster death mask of Robert Anton Wilson. He appears to be smirking.

You try to lift it, but it will not budge.

PRAISE GODDAMN FATHER JOE MAMA! Ripped this outta HOS485. I. Need. New. FJM. Bring Father Joe Mama Back. Fuck what anyone else says, what is the one TRUE rule?

Can any SubGenii in Ohio go to the OSU Library and scan the SubGenius materials here?! Seems they have some correspondence with William S. Burroughs and an old copy of The Stark Fist no. 41!


Also some correspondence with Robert Anton Wilson which I bet is GREAT!


So I says to myself I says "fuck it try it one more time before you let it nap."

I tried it.

It works now, which makes sense because I did nothing but make confused posts on Dobbs.Town lamenting my befuddlement, but in doing so invoked "Bob's" name and called upon the luck plane which GETS FUCKING RESULTS PRAISE "BOB"!

YOU too can learn how to surf the luck plane like me, by sending money to "Bob" at www.subgenius.com

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Uhh...scratch that maybe? It now does the scratchy with everything *but* my ringtone which uses the same speaker, so, I guess, somehow while I was listening to show, without touching the phone, I triggered some software issue where it specifically...thinks music is scratchy but not ringtones?! None of my friends are awake to test the phone calls rn but I will soon I guess. Reboot was not fruitful, let's see what happens if I just shut er down for like 30min

C'mon "Bob" I need that luck tonight!

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Warning for anyone going through hesiod.org/show/ the one from DEC 1 2017: *volume warning.* somewhere near the Michael Peppe part in the beginning ~10 min, my speaker's audio became scratchy and it isn't just that episode, so I'm pretty sure something blew in there. Heads up keep that one on low!

Evidently recording audio to audacity using the 3.5mm headphone jack in linux requires chopping off a limb where on windows you would click the button that says "line in."

Mad? No, I'm just disappointed in you, linux. Why you gotta do me like this?

@RevXenoFact oh! Also you said mention notable eps of HOS! 100, 117, 690 (that ripple cover), 573 (Heavens gate).

Praise "Bob"! If I can get a tape player that will *fucking behave!* then I will be digitizing this album for all. All my tape decks are evidently busted. Bummer.

@onan Thanks to your help finding the Greg Keeler song I was able to send it to a friend who said he had just heard it going through around ep100, so I tracked down this different version on HOS117. I couldn't find it anywhere else online, so I clipped it and here is the mp3 (figured the FLAC is too big). I like this version a lot.

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