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Our app now supports downloads and fediverse accounts as podcast host.

To download some episodes: Just tap the cloud icon to download and again to remove.

Using your fediverse account to host your own podcast: Find out your RSS feed URL e.g. and load it into the app and begin uploading some audio files. A couple of minutes later your audio file should appear as podcast episode in Nordcast.

I found an undelivered FedEx package last week apparently high-end headphones. I took them home to look up the addressee but could find no mention of him online. I called FedEx, they said they'd pick the package up the next day. I put it outside my door since I would be asleep when they came by. Within an hour, it had disappeared.

(Continued in reply)

A couple days later, there was a knock on my door and it was a guy holding the package and he gave me a $200 cash reward.

It was some kind of a morals test that somebody was doing, though I never did find out who or why.

Perhaps some public relations thing FedEx is doing or somebody's human interest youtube project. I don't know.

Rest in Peace, Gahan. The farther away from the pinks you are, the better you'll feel.

This is still one of the most useful things you can put near your front door.

I see so many people thinking they need to go cold turkey on people they used to like when they get 'cancelled' and that's just not a healthy or sustainable attitude

Our relationship with the media we consume is personal and we can set our boundaries and final straws where we want, but there is no reward for being the 'pure' unproblematic media consumer. It makes more sense to compartmentalize what you choose to take and reject from the media you consume

You already do it unconsciously anyway

LOL watching OSW review Starrcade 1994 and on the front of the card is Jim Duggan vs Vader, managed by Harley Race

Duggan was born in 1954
Vader was born in 1955
Race was born in 1943

The gap between Race and the other two is only ten years but he's already pretending the young upstart Duggan can upend him and throw him out of the ring

Rachel is outdoing herself tonight... every time I've turned around she's sent me another zinger...

“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Hey! Thanks all, for the kind reaction to the UFO crash site incense burner. You're most kind!! 👽

Tomorrow is going to be a good day want to know why because I said so take that!

Radioinactive - Pyramidi (2011)

This is a journey
Into the desert
As I enter the measure
On the back of a camel
That was robotic
And I got it from a lizard-man
That came from a hole in the sky
That came down in a prehistoric time
With a holographic rhyme
Accelerating mankind
From a grunting
Hunting caveman
To an upright
More intelligent slave hand
With obedience to follow an invisible diplomat ...

The SubGenius Foundation is having a rare two-for-one sale - two memberships for the price of one! Get one for yourself because you are so clever and attractive by doing so, and one for your past self that wanted to but was too broke at the time. You're winning ACROSS TIME ITSELF when you follow this path.

Thanks for that. I burned Sita Sings the Blues to dvd so we'd have it at camp.

Tod A. of Firewater/Cop Shoot Cop wrote a book, and it's pretty good.

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