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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius ( and find out more! :jrbd:

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Well I personally believe that it's from one of the voice actors that worked for the original Half-Life game.

And since that's where I extracted the sound file from, I have a hunch I might be right.

STEVE HARVEY: Name something you can milk
ME: a niplle,
STEVE HARVEY: Did this- Did she just say "niplle,"? How'd she manage to spell it that way while speaking? How did she say "niplle," in real l-
(Board dings and reveals "niplle," as the number one answer)

Define existence, what does it mean "to exist" and how can we prove anything exists?

pre-web meme - illustration of a dude on a toilet - illustration of dog with one eye 

every self-proclaimed hedonist I've ever met was a very dull and boring person lacking character

god this was a nice day. me and amy went through kensal green cemetery which has occupied my mind for a very long time. see, my whole walking thing mirrors the Gwent supernatural writer Arthur Machen's. my whole life has been tangled in his reveries in Wales and London. This to him was a 'goblin city', full of ghost-stones that 'brought a new terror to death'. I can't wait to come back to this territory

Jujimufu demonstrates his passion and skill. You, now, are invited to demonstrate your passion and skill.

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1748 - SubGenius House 4 Sale :jrbd:

After weeks of turmoil, finishing the strenuous final evacuation of the Cleveland Slackermansion in Ohio and the panicky exodus to Stang Ranch in Texas, we were finally able to do a good old new-fashioned all-talk new show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. In fac…

If the only function of language was to communicate, there would be only one language. There is more than one language, therefore it could be the function of language is not only to communicate. There are many languages, many dialects within languages, and many smaller groups (youth culture vocabulary) within dialects. What do all these variations do? Exclude outsiders - the very opposite of communication. Language is anti-communication most of the time. So when someone talks fancy, that's why.

DOBBS.TOWN offers 500 characters and four graphics per post. Each graphic can have a text description of 1,500 characters, so that's 6,500 characters per post. Not enough? Post more! Don't see these options? Try posting from the browser? Who is J. R. "Bob" Dobbs? THIS GUY :jrbd:

Devo - Growing Pains (1984)

Think it through
Law are mostly made for fools
Give in now and be a has-been who never was
They'll set you up with pains that grow

You, cursed and wretched: have you HEARD about the BAD MAN who did the BAD THING
Me, cupping Divinity in the hollow of my hands: the sky is a nice color today. today and always.

@HMLivy @onan
If you are not receiving Copy Page 3 with your weekly order from the Church, then you might have been sending money to the Antii-Church of the SubGenius. You might think about reordering everything again. Especially the pins. The ones made by Anti "Bob" don't keep the low freq waves out nor will our benevolent aliens recognize them. Do it now. The world might end tomorrow and you could die! Praise "Bob."

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