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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius ( and find out more! :jrbd:

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@onan You're the 2nd SubGenius that I know of who has sent me pictures of themselves at the Sun Ra exhibition in Portland. Now I am triply jealous. <3

when will they let me grow antlers and grow moss on those antlers and grow leaves on my body and bark on my skin. when will they let me let a bird nest in the moss i let grow on the antlers they let me grow

When the windows of perception are cleansed, you’ll see where milk, lemonade and fudge are made.

When I was young, I felt inspired -
I'd stay up for all hrs, wired,
Fiddling w/ what ideas I'd sired
But as I aged my mind got tired.

My one-time hunger to create
Seemed somehow to evaporate
"It's all been done, and mine's not great,"
These thoughts, I thought, had sealed my fate!

So I put those notebooks on the shelf,
Tried to lose myself in someone else -
But what works for most of society
Isn't always the best thing for me.

Hate, is what I am
'cause underneath this heart
There beats the heart of man
You'll wear your crown
When you're lyin' 6 feet underground
Don't you think it's odd
Man was created in the image of god
All you martyrs and saviours
Go through the same door
Listen all you butchers, saints and sinners
We've all been here before

Heaven takes care of children, sailors, and drunken men.

@onan @RevFlan
I've actually considered doing that. But I am trying to come up with a name less cumbersome than

Ankh "Bob" sa Hotep

(The Son of the Living "Bob" is Amused)

I'm pretty sure most of my joints have micro fractures, not to mention I probably have gout from all the niacin building up in my blood from energy shots I was taking. I can feel the crystallization in my joints. Every moment and every movement is pain. If it hadn't been like this for so many years already that I don't know anything else... I'd really be in trouble. Praise "Bob".

I've never been able to afford to pay a doctor, ever. Everything I've had done was on an emergency basis. My teeth are luxury bones that all need to be removed and I should eat apple sauce the rest of my life. I'm infected, diseased, bored out and filled in every way imaginable with pus and oozing sickness. I have bubonic nodes in my neck that doctors can only identify from historical texts because they haven't seen them in so long. The hepatitis wiped my liver out but at least they cured that.

Yes, the conspiracy has tried countless times to kill me. It has only made me stronger. Furthermore, it allows me to see that we need to be stronger still. Life demands Supermen of our inferior stock... We must rise up beyond our self-imposed limitations in order to heed the call of our destiny.

If I could just have one wish. It would be that Ken Campbell was still alive to croon us with his lovely voice.

It almost seems impossible but his narration and character dialogue was so amazing... Him passing away between the recording of the first illuminatis of the trilogy, and his subsequent absence from the second and third actually greatly lessen these magnificent works. I almost want to stop listening out of protest toward the universe for taking away such an amazing voice.

...otherwise known as The Goat Herder's Guide to the Galaxy.

In another universe, there is only this universe. This is that universe. The other one.

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