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J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

Documentary. Sandy K. Boone 2019


Continually updated fan-page at...


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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius ( and find out more! :jrbd:

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It has been an age since I last walked the path of the Avatar.

sacked from my job as a horoscope writer because all my predictions where just "ur gonna be a lil bithc"

Tonight I start the process of braising the beef short ribs. If one wants to eat short ribs tomorrow then one must start cooking them today.

No doubt I have way too many short ribs.

What is the best way for me to learn how to use #blind #accessibility options? I thought that I could get a better understanding of people's needs by experiencing how they use their computer.

@onan Or just write everything in emoji


An agreed-upon list of the 1,000 most commonly used words in a language, mapped to a standardized character set.

Easy to encode, easy to decode, reduces bandwidth in transmission, difficult to read at a glance (although nothing at all like encryption).

Not one system, many systems, for non-overlapping circles of users.


I don’t have a single word to say about better or worse, real or fake, original or copy. I can say that I’m looking at toki pona (2001) for the first time and thinking about bolo’bolo (1983) and Blissymbolics (1949) again. I like them all.

@DrPantzFunkley @onan

Funny you should mention Distributism. I was recently discussing Belloc & Chesterton, & their economic ideas, on my show (07-03 & 07-10).

There's plenty of room in the bunk house! Just lay down your mat and your sleeping bag, and you'll sleep as soundly as "Bob" when he drives turnpike!

Repaired this slingshot with an old bike tube. Works surprisingly well.

When I was a little kid, a family friend had recorded this on video tape. I must have watched it 50 times:

@onan My D&D DM turned me on to Distributivism recently. He's card carrying member of Team Catholic for sure, but he's also down with the distributist model. So am I.

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