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J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

Documentary. Sandy K. Boone 2019


Continually updated fan-page at...


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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius ( and find out more! :jrbd:

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@ReverendGuimo @onan damn, I got all the subgenius types in my mentions on this one, lol. Thanks for sorting out my third eye, I thought I heard a little clunking when I took it on the highway

@onan @Thomas Thomas I don't know how to tell you this but your chakras have been kidnapped and sent to Jupiter for reconstructive surgery. Seems the third eye cylinder was located on the wrong end. Don't worry tho we have our best invisible pink unicorns working 'round the clock to fix the ailment.

From "The Evening Republican" (Columbus, Indiana) September 20, 1921. One hundred years ago.

The people have spoken!

Animal Communicator first then Dream Recorder!

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One of the things I like about the Fediverse is that people post with a frequency and attitude of certainty that others find their posts interesting and read them.

"It is not history that is repeating itself, it is the mistakes."

~ Caliph Abdülhamid Han II

@onan Ahh, cool. Thanks. I've got the LibriVox app on my phone, but that site is such a sprawl that it's hard to pick out what to play.

Looks like I'm making an 11-hour drive tomorrow, so I'll need an audiobook. And, fortune of fortunes, a mostly-new book of Lem stories has been translated from Polish and is available right now!

BUT it's not available in audio, so I'm gonna need each one of you to call up my voicemail and read one chapter.

There are some miserable, awkward people in this world. Let “Bob” show you how to be more thoroughly one or the other. Or neither. Or BOTH.


Just collecting my thoughts here. . .

My mom had a seizure on Saturday and stopped breathing. My dad called 911 in time, but she's still in the ICU (thank "Bob" there was an ER-spot and a ventilator available). Apparently she's responding, but we don't yet know how much she's gonna recover.

My brother lives near them and has been spearheading things, but it looks like I might be heading to Nashville to help house-sit and dad-sit, because my dad's not really 100% anymore.

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