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"J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" is a documentary film about the greatest mail-order mind control cult available on the market today at this price. It has enjoyed great success in film festivals around the world, and you can see where it will be showing next by following director Sandy K. Boone at...

s u b g e n i u s m o v i e . c o m

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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius ( and find out more! :jrbd:

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@micrackbiron @onan Think you, or I mean thank you. I just just didn't want to accidentally go to hell or something.

@Sklingklorp @onan Oh don't worry about that. Hell in Buddhism is temporary, anyway! 😂

Lah la-laaah La la laaah lol haha Ohohohoho ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho oh-ho-ho-ho-ho Ohohohoho ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho Lololololooo... ... Trololololo lalala Oh-hahaha-ho Haha-hehe-ho Hohoho-he-ho Hahahaha-ho Lolololololo Lolololololo Lolololololo Lololo-LOL! ... Lololololo Lololo Lololo Ohohohoho!

My brains isn't really working anymore... Is it just me...?

It feels so broad and creeping that I wonder if most people would notice if we all succumbed to chemical lobotomy.

I have to write everything down, my storage medium is failing. I remembered I had to write a thank you email to my potential employer but I kept forgetting to do it. Every day for 5 days. I just remember and 10 seconds later and it's gone.

I think maybe I'd like it to be affecting everyone else cause I feel alone.

What disorder do you have when literally everything is too hard and literally anything going wrong is a disaster. I mean... Dropping a screw sometimes while I'm working is enough to set me off into an incredible whirlwind of intense existential angst that I've learned to keep to myself and outlast the temporary situation of my brain having a fit.

Sometimes I just wanna tell people how I feel but I feel like such an immense asshole because I'm not even really suffering at all. It's in my head.

I lived with sickness and disease all my life. Near the end of 2015 before they cured my hep-c. I was bed ridden. Not the first time, but my whole body felt like it was shutting down. I had maybe 20 minutes of energy every day in which I could do something and feel like a normal human being capable of basic control over their nervous system.

I don't think that feeling ever really went away. It's like being in space and running out of oxygen. Like there's no hope.

Just had a shower thought and it's slipping through my fingers like water.

Something about life, order, and control all being governed by the same laws. That wasn't the important bit though... It was something about group-think and policy control acting the same on a molecular level which guides cell growth so that you look like you for a period of time instead of constantly changing.

Evolution of both our selves and the tools we wield is inevitable. Yet, who wields who?

Expectations are the shackles you bind yourself with and seek to bind others through. The control you feel is the weight of your own prison dragging you down.


You have to go all the way down, go as far as you can, then go further. There is truth. Hurry to it. When you find it there, come back to me and ask again what is "Bob". The answer will be the same thing, but you'll know it brand new.

What is Slack? Five tons flax.

I ordered some stuff from Weirdsville Records, which, to my knowledge anyway, is the only shop where you can go to in person to by a SubGenius ordainment kit. :jrbd:

November 18, 2019: "According a press release from the Sheriff’s Office Monday, when deputies arrived, they first detained one unarmed man claiming to be a reporter. They then found three people wearing robes and anonymous-style masks. [...] Deputies found and detained a fourth suspect wearing the same style robe and mask. [...] They were all wearing black hooded robes, black gloves, black silicone shoe covers, and anonymous-style masks... "

Klaus Nomi - Simple Man (1982)

Is just a thing you bought
It's just another safe white lie
That everybody got taught

I'm in the basement, I'm huffing mold spores. come on down, there's enough for everyone

Classic hacker lore, long post 

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