JUST IN - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake off the coast of Big Island, Hawaii.

If the Internet went down for a day, 196 billion emails, 3 billion Google searches, and 500 million Tweets would have to wait.

@dadakopf Most of them, with their most dedicated followers as the butt of the joke.


Has there ever been a cult leader with a genuine sense of humor?

The Mormons promise you that you’ll be a God with your own corner of the universe. But who wants that sort of responsibility? “Bob” promises us a trip on the Pleasure Saucers of the Sex Goddesses to an eternity of Slack. That’s more like it…

My Jesus Clock, made by me, faithfully keeping time since early 90’s. Had to venture into a large fundie Xtian bookstore to find the felt board presentation set for Easter. For years I’ve had the idea for a new clock with some other imagery from that set. Jesus bearing the cross and the clock being a Roman soldier with the second hand being a whip.

Happy Sunday Mastodon!

Both goats wanted brushing and attention tonight


#ヤギ #goats #GoatsOfMastodon #mastopets

youtu.be/dLQtHqu8uig via: @youtube

Amazon Prime delivered my Bobtro, so here's a review. . .

Once it booted up, I asked it to clean the floor. In response it let loose a stream of profanity that would've made Peter Cook blush.

(No, really. I think some of those words haven't been used since the 1800's. I now know there's an ethnic slur specifically for Moldavians)

It then sold my password and used the profits to order gin and back-issues of "Juggs" magazine.

In short, it's everything I ever wanted. It's perfect!


"The Dodo, Tasmanian Tiger, and Ivory-Billed Woodpecker all went extinct during the Holocene Extinction"

There. Now it sounds like it happened millions of years ago and I don't have to think less of humanity for wiping 'em out.

Teetering on the edge of 58, and in reasonable shape...may "Bob" strengthen my Slack for the fall.

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