Loaded and ready to go. Tools and box coming home. Won't need them for the new job. From here on out wrenching for recreational purposes only.

Quitting a job is the best part of having a job. Tonight is my last night with my current employer. The past two weeks have been the most slackfull time I've had trying not to work here.

"That's nice, have you heard that i'm quitting?" has pretty much become my mantra.

I'm finding tonight a bit tough, however. Doing even less work than I did last night is turning out to be a real challenge.

@senator tell me more about this Troy Debauch? You're about 2 hours south of me, so I may be cool to make an appearance.

I quit. Well, in two weeks anyway. Just put in my notice. I'm positively giddy. Staying in plastics, but moving out of production.

I took an offer from a former employer to return as their compliance manager. No more lifting molds and turning wrenches for me. Now (among other things) I get to berate people for all the OSHA violations I used to commit.

Man.. I forgot how much it sucks switching computers. Just getting all my preferred utility software installed is such a chore.

I really should've just written a powershell script. But men, effort.

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New compy.. when did MS start with the Cortana talking at you? It's hella annoying.

Slackful inspiration when you have to take a trip and you remember that motorcycle rentals are a thing.

Going to Chicago for a job interview next week. Potential employer isn't comping a rental vehicle.

There's a HD dealer w/ rentals w/in walking distance of O'Hare.

They have a Goldwing.

Soooooo about to embrace my inner grandpa!

Even moar meat. Plus an obligatory plant meat. Happyday before X-Day slackers. I'm gonna be so fat and constipated when the world ends.

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¡Wife just rescued this guy from the junk pile she's cleaning up.

And now it's raining. Guess the slack paid off. 'Bob' works in mysterious ways. Time to open another beer. Vroom vroom!

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Weather's nice. Should be wrenching on the GS550. Drinking beer and sitting on it in the garage making vroom noises instead. Slack.

Got the new wire loom on today. Plus more progress on the side cover fabrication. I'm thinking I'll tape out a dobbsicon and rattle can the aluminum black to create a nice effect. I'll black out the lower fork tubes, fenders, Sissy bar, crash bars, and headlamp chrome too.

A most excellent assortment of STICKERS!!!!1!!!!1!!eleventh!!!!!!!! From @Prof_Trixie arrived today. Now if it would only stop raining long enough for me to get out and apply them to the sticker bike.

Did some cardboard aided design for a new side cover today. I've a sheet of light gauge diamond plate that'll be made into the final cover. Also finished off the rewire of the ignition circuit and touched up the chipped paint on the tank.

So much more to do, but slowly making progress.

Chicken leg quarters w/ Alabama white sauce cooked on a random mix of maple and crabapple wood. Damn I love cooking outside.

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