I have a hemorrhoid, help me name.it!

I have decided to commemorate the event. I need a namesake for my latest symptom of The Old. To whom shall I give this dubious honor?

Question: If you are what you eat, does that mean eating people.is how I get to be a person?

Corporations rob us of our dignity and independence. These systems must be ripped down, burnt down, or leveled by any force necessary.

...But that's just one cute little fuzzy bear's opinion.

New custom kitchen cabinets. Hand painted in oops paint and acrylics by my awesome artist of a wife.

New helmet arrived yesterday! Everyone keeps calling it an Evel Kneivel helmet. I think Super Dave Osborne is a bit more apropos given my track record.

The FTC has finally settled with Equifax over their massive data breach back in 2017. For those who don't remember, Equifax allowed hackers to access identity info for 147 million people. Details here to find out if you're entitled to a piece of the settlement:



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