A lovely Catskill day...

1. View of Main St. and the Catskill Mountains

2. My favorite paint job in town and record store (Italianate)

3. Some Neoclassical / Federalist architecture (correct me if I'm wrong)

4. Gothic Revival church

Racing representing Dobbs.Town today. Only Dobbshead spotted on track

@Nikolai_Kingsley Glorious! Seems like there are many parodies I haven't seen. I grew up in areas where Chick Tracts were often found in the wild. Last one I found was in a shopping cart at a Catskill Price Chopper eight-ish years ago.

I wonder how many addresses are still valid that are in "High Weirdness By Mail"? I circled a bunch of contacts about 20 years ago.

Today is the one year anniversary of the weekly online SubGenius Diaspora. Drop in from 4:20 - ??
On Zoom. Everyone welcome.

ENSURE social distancing with these custom J. R. "Bob" Dobbs face shields.


:jrbd: subgenius.com

Dobbs delivered a plethora o’ slack today. Thanks Mayor Onan, and thanks Rev. Gofflin for the stickers!

Arguing only robs you and the person you arguing with of slack. I have a hard time remembering this sometimes.

Part of the joy of reading a Chris Ware book is working out how to read a Chris Ware book.

New headgear finally arrived. Next month, racing for “Bob” and the glory of the Dobbs.Town Race Team

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