You’ll pay to know hat Dr. Hal thinks. Be there or be pink.

Dr. Roscoe has boarded his saucer. Fuck, another friend gone.

Another pack of unexpected slack from the Catskills Clench! Thanks!

Care package from the R.A.T.H.O.L.E. these folks walk the walk.

Regarding our friend, St Inkfinger:

We heard last night that Inkfinger will be cremated. The Celebration of Life service will be held at Robinson Wright & Weymer Funeral Home in Essex, CT

Thanks to Rev. Noumena for this update.

Unfortunate news from the Bobcord clench. St. Inkfinger has boarded the saucers earlier today. Known in his conspiracy life as David O'Donnell, he was an exceptional musician and a devout SubGenius. You may have seen him as the music accompaniment to the new Ask Dr. Hal show. He's now blasting new tunes and making sweet love to the sex goddesses on his way to Valhalla. He inspired me to get back into picking up the guitar and playing music again. Rest easy, Inkfinger. :jrbd:

St. Inkfinger, a beacon of slack has boarded the saucers. Good flight, friend.

I’m mad and that’s a fact.

Been outta town for a while. Now I’m just pissed. Three rehearsals in a week cancelled because the vaccine deniers are screwing up the music performance world. Grr.

@Prof_Trixie just saw you XDay video! Wish I had been there!
Maybe next year, when real XDay will occur

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