When I interact with someone who is unpleasant I try to remember that in the past they may have been more unpleasant, and I can appreciate their progress.

Except for that one guy.

Anxiety kicking my ass this week. It was getting me down but then I remembered... Some people take drugs to feel like this; but I get to feel like this all the time. THANKS "BOB"!

You know... this old school has been through a lot... but I still love her. Call me crazy.

But of all the things that have nothing to do with Athletics that this school and this region has produced, somehow none make me more proud than...


Had occasion to reference this today. Just want to remind you that this exists.


And speaking of my favorite things from Japan (by way of Hawaii)...

Here's Larry Tatum demonstrating why you never want to be demonstrating with Larry Tatum:


I don't care what anybody says, this is one of a real short list of songs that is truly deserving of the term "Neo-Classical"...


I've worked in academia for 17 years and I just now found out that you can instantly make any paper better by putting "Harry Potter and The" before the title.

e.g. Harry Potter and The Late Antique Glass from Qaratəpə (Bərdə Rayon), Azerbaijan

Sure, you know Lon Milo DuQuette the author and magician; but do you know Lon Milo DuQuette the musician?


Someone on Reddit: There’s a Taoist saying that goes something along the lines of “There is only one wrong route up the mountain: running in a circle around the base, shouting to everyone else, telling them “your going the wrong way””

Me: Oh! You've met “Bob” too?

And if "SubGenius Homecoming" ever becomes a thing, I'm anchoring that George Younce Cathedral's bass slot.

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