We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, that Donnie can suck on the Commonwealth of Deez Nuts.

If you like r o u n d n u m b e r s, the UNIX timestamp will pass 1600000000 tomorrow:


1_600_000_000 - 2020-09-13 12:26:40
1_700_000_000 - 2023-11-14 22:13:20
1_800_000_000 - 2027-01-15 08:00:00
1_900_000_000 - 2030-03-17 17:46:40
2_000_000_000 - 2033-05-18 03:33:20

How am I only now discovering the Fnorder app from Steve Jackson Games?

Links to each song in the description. The most delightful rendition of “Hail to the Lion” and “Old Fight On State” from our alma mater.

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Our poor junior SysAdmin is speaking in tongues. This being the traditional sign of readiness, I download the ancient wisdom into his brain. He is now, truly, an initiate of the mysteries.


Takes me back to my “Minor Orders” ordination class at ole' Dobbstown State.


Today’s shitfuckery...

Web Monkey: So, we’re going to be changing all the webpages from the name2.school.edu domain to the name.school.edu domain.

Me: Great. Long overdue. Really simplifies my DNS.

Web Monkey: But our SEO consultant says we need to get everything else off of name.school.edu.

Me, sometime later: ...AND THE HORSE HE RODE IN ON!


"... It was a time of gods, manifesting themselves upon our world in all her aspects; a time of giants who walked on water; of mindless sprites and misshapen creatures who could be summoned by an ill-considered thought but driven away only on pain of some fearful sacrifice; of magics, phantasms, unstable nature, impossible events, insane paradoxes, dreams come true, dreams gone awry, of nightmares assuming reality.
It was a rich time and a dark time. The time of the Sword Rulers..."

No amount of skill will ever protect you from the sheer luck of a chronic dumbass
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