High rise luxury accommodations now being erected by the Subgenius faithful to welcome the incoming horde of onlookers as Dobbs.town opens their gates to the world for the first time since 1967. :jrbd:

I think I’m actually going to try to launch this self-help doomsday cult I’ve been working on.

@Stang saw this from the stage at the movie premiere. Those are Dobbshead fans.

And the two-fer on "Bands I Never Heard Of But Instantly Love."

Can we get the trifecta today? STAY TUNED!

Today's soundtrack...

Apple Music delivered this band unto me today and I'm already obsessed.

Next time on “Mutual of Dobbs.town presents Yetti Kingdom”

The many fascinating differences between the subtypes of the Brythonic/Gaelic/Celtic Yettis.


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Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.