And so we celebrate the first close encounter of the season in the manner of our people, as tradition demands.

I'm nervous as hell but I've made a decision. 45 years of holding myself back because of fear and "It's not practical" are enough. When this COVID situation is over, I'm going back to school to learn special makeup effects.

millennials are physically and mentally weak because they didn't drink enough saltwater growing up. back in my day we didn't have access to freshwater and you're taking it for granted. you wimps will never know the satisfaction of making a bracelet from your own kidney stones and giving it to your beloved

Look, I’m not saying we *should* hand the government over to Baron Harkonen; I’m just saying that at least the Baron had a plan.

I'm watching a documentary on the Unabomber. I don't remember this guy making quite this much sense.

So... I am currently working on a coordinated mass Satanic evocation of Lilith, Lucifer, Abaddon, and Belial to support the protests. I don’t know what to call it yet but I want to work the word ‘wraith’ into it. ‘Wraith’, ‘wrath’, and ‘wreath’ all come from the same PIE root word that means “to turn or twist.” We seek to be the spirits of vengeance of all who have been taken before their time by an unjust system. We will remain faceless and nameless. We are the dead and we are restless.

@EddieRomanov 🤢 That movie made me physically ill…

And so I return full circle to the beginning of my journey: High and with a song from the Old Country.

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NSFW sexiness but no nudity. 

Even devil worshippers like to have fun on the beach sometimes.

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