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Knowing that Ivan Stang is a hollow/spherical ball earther that still believes in dinos because humans apart of the CON put dino tracts next to humans in his backyard and I am a hollow/spherical/flat/round/electromagnetic/etc earther that knows dinos are fake (unlike Dr Hal as well the REALLY dino obsessed one) makes me feel sooooo much better.

Thanks "Bob".

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You were TOLD that there's a universe and "outer space" and other planets similar to earth, that is the SPELL they cast on us all...use the dispell and remedy yourself of NASA and the global space lies/propaganda. I'm Dan F

Does anyone have access to the July 5th zoom meeting from 12am to about 6am?

I'm looking for the part where I talked to Stang and Dr Hal and where Philo called me an idiot and left the meeting like a sad little kid...anyone know where those are? I forgot to record that gold...

and if someone says "Science isn't real" well you have to say "Maybe you're onto something" (shoutout to my man, flat earth subg) cc: @FlatEarthSubGenius

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The Conspiracy is trying to keep me from enjoying Xday!! :abmb:

I haven't figured out these SubGenius zoom calls yet. When's the next one?

"Is there an official SubGenius take on this whole shindig that's been goin on?"

"This collection is primarily comprised of photographs taken by Jay Kay Klein has he documented Science Fiction & Fantasy fandom at the 24th World Science Fiction Convention in Cleveland, Ohio [1966]."

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1781 RADIO-SAFE VERSION :jrbd:

RADIO-SAFE VERSION! (Actually the Internet version is clean too, but longer than one hour.) From the year 2000 comes this remastered Hour of Slack 724 rerun, packed with Slack from ESO Swamp Radio, the XX-Day 1999 devival, Media Barrage 11 on the subject o…

Your $35 donation to the Church of the Subgenius helps support the development of Forbidden Science in Dobbstown.

LHOHQ: The Most Dangerous Rabbit Hole on the Internet

A couple "Bob" sightings around 5 min in and he's got the pinks all confused.

A song I never got around to finishing would have had this chorus:
"Just because something cannot be explained doesn't mean it cannot be understood."

I'm not "made" from material objects of invisible balls, this "physical" world is "real" temporarily but is also an illusion (a paradox) and can NEVER be fully explained, only liars and arrogant fools think and pretend they can, we're "made" of immaterial "aetheric" "stuff" (but also a material sperm an egg, an instant contradiction, another paradox) and it truly doesn't have a name or label so how I can name and label something that we only have a .0001% overstanding of?

The noble swine. They gave their lives so that I may live!


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