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Knowing that Ivan Stang is a hollow/spherical ball earther that still believes in dinos because humans apart of the CON put dino tracts next to humans in his backyard and I am a hollow/spherical/flat/round/electromagnetic/etc earther that knows dinos are fake (unlike Dr Hal as well the REALLY dino obsessed one) makes me feel sooooo much better.

Thanks "Bob".

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You were TOLD that there's a universe and "outer space" and other planets similar to earth, that is the SPELL they cast on us all...use the dispell and remedy yourself of NASA and the global space lies/propaganda. I'm Dan F

Got banned from 3 different SubGenius discord servers for surfing the Luck Plane too well! Jealousy is anti Slack! GROW UP

@TheBoonieGhoul When you can free yourself from your mind and become a conduit for "Bob", you have attained. There is nothing more to do or to know.

@Shitlord A bookseller in a bookstore when I was selling books once asked me what I sold. I said "... books?" He said no, you're selling your knowledge about books. You know this book is okay, that one is valuable, that one is will sell a buck at most, that one is slow to move but will be desired in five years. Books... that's a few cents of ink and paper. Knowledge about books... that takes decades to acquire.



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Watch "J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" (Sandy K. Boone, 2019). Details here...


The Conspiracy is powerful and skilled in deception. As a member of the Church of the SubGenius moves away from the Con, he or she may move in any direction... including directions that to other SubGenii look strange or even wrong.

The only wrong way to be a SubGenius is to never send in your membership fee to The SubGenius Foundation.

Think of it: a mind-control cult that actively does not care if you conform to its rules. Can yours say the same?


@Shitlord Check your Direct Messages for a private if timely free offer from a member of the Church of the SubGenius.

Grid: part of the mainstream infrastructure.

Off Grid: not part of the mainstream infrastructure.

Soft Grid: an endless number of missing links between those evolutionary states. “DIY” including something from every resource, not just the approved ones or just the forbidden ones.


Does anyone have access to the July 5th zoom meeting from 12am to about 6am?

I'm looking for the part where I talked to Stang and Dr Hal and where Philo called me an idiot and left the meeting like a sad little kid...anyone know where those are? I forgot to record that gold...

and if someone says "Science isn't real" well you have to say "Maybe you're onto something" (shoutout to my man, flat earth subg) cc: @FlatEarthSubGenius

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The Conspiracy is trying to keep me from enjoying Xday!! :abmb:

I haven't figured out these SubGenius zoom calls yet. When's the next one?

"Is there an official SubGenius take on this whole shindig that's been goin on?"

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