jesus christ Westworld

I get it, but c'mon you have to cut us some slack. The human race just got out of a pandemic...

Your reverend is almost recovered from COVID, and is back on making propaganda!

For me, this is THE definition of what it means to be a SubGenius

The Bird of the Hermes is my name,
eating my wings to make me tame.

I think its shameful that this church doesn't have this title. Shame on all of you.

Well SHIIIIIIT, I didn't know the dobbstown mirror came with this!
Its worth the $5 a month just to get to annoy Stang with random crap!

Emotionally I feel like I am homeless again. Like, if I lost it all again and was sleeping in my car right now - itd be pretty much: "Yeah, yeah that figures. Thats about right."

I wish I could wither away to nothing but skin and bones right now. Spiritually, I am skin and bones right now. If for no other reason than to reset my flesh - clear out everything and build it all back together.

I don't mean to be "that guy" (creepy stalker) -- But does anyone know of any SubGeniuses in Pheonix Arizona? There has GOT to be one.

So, someone pointed out that Jack Chick Tracts are all available on their website

And they are in a really steal-able format

What do you say. Should I download all of Jack Chick and then share it here?

and now for some GOOD NEWS!!

Yes, thats 789 more trips out there, but atleast someone is doing something about it!! :D

For those of you who can do cross-eyed-view stereographic images .... I offer you a 3D view of flying through the clouds.

I was watching another video and realized you could do 3D stereographic effect if you delayed one side a bit - so I stitched this together :D

I will believe in god once every last human on the planet can agree on a definition of god.

I think i'm pretty safe.

Who watches Wrestling Pro Wrestling? I just discovered them through Rev. 80. Very gimmick heavy in a good way, breaks kayfabe quite a bit, and feels more like sketch comedy, but when they wrestle the moves are good! They had a squash match where they literally wrestle a squash.

Check out this roster:

Battle For Uranus:

Fuck this planet. No really, fuck this planet. Fuck every corner of it. Fuck corporate greed and pollution mongering. Fuck the supreme court. Fuck the society that supports it. Fuck hate. Fuck love. Fuck the big things. Fuck the little things. Especially the little things.

I hate this planet. I am sick of it. I am done.

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