Despite anything you might have heard, I am alive, well, happy and imbued with so much SLACK and still rather despise most of you1

"I don't practice what I preach, because I am not the kind of person who is gonna be stupid enough to give me their money."
"Bob" to Philo, Dokstok II

Slack is the Higgs Field of the quantum Luck Plane. Therefore we must assume that the CotSG is a thaumaturgical belief system designed to manipulate said Plane. Discuss!

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Voltaire said: "We shall leave the world as foolish and wicked as we found it."

Only the Church of the SubGenius can guarantee to leave the world FAR, FAR more foolish than we found it!


Shoo-fly pie and apple pan-dowdy,
make you say "hi", make you say "howdy"!

The Ambassador from Rigel IV has arrived in Dobbs Town and would like to speak to the Mayor!

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