When you *don't* think about it, The Church Of The Subgenius does more in service to the concept of Thelema than the OTO does. Slack, that ineffable Thing we all need yet cannot describe unless we already know what it IS, is much like the equally nebulous concept of Will. But we do it BETTER.


@Gleepy yeah, I was using Tusky which is pretty similar.

Happy Dyngus Day! May all your dynguses be whipped with pussy willows and all that

When I think of "Great Northern", I either think of "beans" or the Empire Builder. I can't decide which. lileks.com/match/museum/trans/

No wonder I am finding holes all over. It must be holey week or something like that

I'll take morning rain in Buffalo instead of snow

All of a sudden my team was crawling with bohemian Ruby hipsters with macbooks and hemp sandals. They were hired to program, but didn't do anything but sit around like first century Greek philosophers contemplating the aesthetic value of placing control before or after a block.

I want to start a cult.

I need Drs.

Drs. make a cult legitimate.

SSTV M2 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-03-19 07:16:10 UTC
#sstv #M2 #14230

Does the Church of the SubGenius seem stupid? That's the point, the seeming AND the stupid.

Are we a Romper Room type of "Do Bee" or "Don't Bee" today?

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